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Cube i7 Vs Onda v116w Core M – Pros and Cons

Cube i7 Vs Onda v116w Core M

Two Chinese Core M 5Y10 powered tablet’s head to head, but which one is better? I go over the pro’s and con’s in this video below.

Reasons to buy the Onda v11w Core M over the Cube i7:

  • Better port placement
  • Two full sized USB ports, one is USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 port works at USB 3 speeds
  • Cheaper than the Cube i7
  • Touchpad on the keyboard case is better

Reasons to buy the Cube i7 over the Onda v116w Core M:

  • Much better build quality, very solid feeling.
  • All metal body disperses heat better than plastic.
  • Throttles a little less and performance is a fraction better
  • Keyboard dock is much better to type on, higher quality
  • Thinner than the Onda v116w Core M

If your interested in thse models make sure you check out my reviews of both. Cube i7 Review and Onda v116w Core M Review.

Where to buy:

Cube i7

Onda v116w Core M


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  1. I have two questions: is the android on Onda v116w real or virtual? I guess it runs in a virtual machine or something.
    Second: can you use Cube’s or Telcasts’s keyboard dock with Onda?

  2. On your links the cube i7 is cheaper with the same spec 😮

  3. Hmm ok, what a pitty!. I really don’t know what to chose. Both tablets looks amazing… Should I chose one of them or wait till PIPO W8 core m relase? Anyway, thanks for your videos, I have watched them multiple times and are very useful!!

    • Hi, if you can hold out a week, I should have a PiPO W8 to review and will have hands on videos up of that Core M. It could be good, it has a nice 2560 x 1600 screen in 10.1 inches so it will be a super retina display, extremely sharp.

  4. Both tablets looks pretty good for the price they have. I think the Onda v11w is better cos the 2 usb ports but I don’t like the offical keyboard … have you tried the cube i7 keyboard on the onda v11w? It works?

    • HI, I did try it and it will not fit. The dock connector is the same but the tabs that hold the tablet in place are spaced out wider on the Cube i7.

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