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First Onda v919 3G Core M Unboxing Video

First Onda v919 3G Core M Unboxing Video


This Onda v919 3G Core M unboxing video popped up on the internet, good spotting Mike Cane X Blog. It ships now with Windows 10 by the look of it. But why on earth has it only got a Micro USB 2 port and not a MicroUSB 3.0 port Onda?

The hardware supports it. For me personally, that’s a deal breaker. I have mine on preorder via Ali Express, which I hope will ship soon. But I can see there is already a big con point right there. The screen brightness looks rather dull in the clip while he finishes the  Windows 10 install?

Still it’s nice to see a Core M 5Y10 in a 4:3 ration 9.7″ retina tablet.

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  1. Hey Chris, I love this site and would be willing to donate a couple of bucks. I actually don’t know how you stomach dealing wih Chinese suppliers on the volume of buying you do. They just have a different way of working. I have ordered a lot from Aliexpress but it just wasn’t worth the aggrivation. This is why I’d rather spend a few dollars more and buy from Amazon.

    I ordered a V919 Core M from http://www.onda-tablet.com. They orginally stated that the shipping date would be August 5th. When I mentioned that I may have to cancel my order if the tablet was not a full dual boot I magically receive a DHL shipping notice via email dated July 27th. Of course the tablet still hasn’t been actually shipped but if I wanted to cancel I am sure they would say it’s too late. But what made me laugh was the shippers name on the shipping notice. The shippers name was “Whatafuck” . You can only laugh.

    • Yeah, I know it drives me crazy sometimes dealing with them. Onda-tablet.com, Pip-sotre.com cube-store.com are all the same crappy online retailer. I’ve had a run in with them before. If you can open a PayPal dispute. Did they really use a shipper name as whatafuck ?

      It’s another fake tracking number to stop you canceling, Aliexpress shippers do this all the time now.

  2. thanks to you, christ i want buy a windows tablet and sell my Pipo m8 Pro, and your reviews are exellent. keep doing this. And the last, why you don’t put publicity for save money?

    • I tried they didn’t make me much at all. I will have to place some adverts up soon and a donate button 🙂 Otherwise I can’t keep the site alive from my own pocket for long.

      • Chris we need u
        This is first class forum where we can interaction
        Pls keep something to keep site alive
        M ready to donate 5-10$
        As China market growing there is demand of review there are many tech to monitize your earning
        M ready to share few tips which u can earn stable income of 500$ per month

      • I would donate – even though I ended up buying a big brand (HP) tab recently, you helped me heaps in making my decision and I still enjoy your videos.

  3. also Chris great site, if your spending a so much on tablets and they never send you a review one.
    Maybe put some adverts on the site or before the videos or start a patreon account.

  4. grr all the 10-11 inches are black , but basically all the 8. 8.9, and 9.7inch tablets are white.
    I get it they want to look like a bloody ipad, but i am only asking for the same design in black.
    Its annoying i want a matte black tablet in the 9.7 range.

  5. I’m definitely interested in this bad boy. The lack of usb3.0 does not seem like a big deal to me. Unlike the other core m devices so far which are aimed at professionals/productivity, this one is more of a high end consumption device. If I get one of these to replace my v975w, I doubt I’ll ever have anything plugged into the USB port aside from maybe a game controller.

    What I’m most interested in, selfishly, is performance relative to tablets like mine. Game performance, wifi/3g performance, game streaming performance (i.e. xbox one streaming to tablet or gaming PC streaming to tablet), whether it feels ‘snappy’, etc. My v975w is fine with windows 10, but there is some choppiness in general usage and the lack of ram is always an issue.

  6. can you not get them to ship it to you as a reviewer then send it back?
    im sure from your site alone the companies have sold hundreds in the West.
    id rather wait for your review than some crap Chinese useless unboxing video.

    • I’ve tried, but they never answer me. So stupid, Onda could send me a review unit and I can send it back as you say. I think they: A) Just don’t care B) Scared of an honest West review. All their Chinese reviews online are clearly paid and fake. Just like that Chinese guy that writes English reviews with an Chinese tech site (won’t mention names) but it’s so obvious his reviews are super bias, bought and fail to mention bad points like USB 3 ports working at USB 2 speeds. Those reviews are the whole reason i started this site 🙂

      • Rightly said 🙂 I think these companies are scared of a righteous review, so they ignore the good sites…

    • I can confirm thanks to Chris Teclast have sold at least one tablet =)

  7. Hi man, you are rich??? or how doyou do for buy so many tablets??? jajajaja it’s just a joke.

    • Buy and then resell 🙂 Not keep too many excess!

    • Haha! It must be awesome, though, having so many gadgets 😛

    • Far from it, poor due to all the expenses running the server (Huge bandwidth use) And buying tablets, later selling some at a loss. 🙁

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