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Onda’s Windows 10 upgrade plans announced

Onda’s Windows 10 upgrade plans announced

A Weibo announcement today from Onda, they have plans to offer Windows 10 upgrades from the following models to start with, Onda v891 Dual OS, Onda V919 Air 3G and the Onda V919 Core M. I imagine this will be a full install.win file with drivers and recovery deal. Not just an upgrade that Windows 10 everyone gets on the 29th.

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  1. Hello there,
    Please Help me…I am in BIG trouble with my ONDA v919 Air Dual OS.
    I tried to upgrade to windows 10 but failed due to “Cannot update system reserved partition”.
    I tried to install Minitool Partition Wizard free from Cnet.com, open the program, then reduced windows partition and increased the image partition. then restart the tablet. But the tablet will not start to windows, it shows blue screen with chinese characters. It stuck at this point, no touch capabilities simply freezed.
    I tried to power-off then press the reset pinhole near the volume. then power ON. But the same, stuck with blue screen with chinese characters.
    Is there any solution for this.
    I am trying to send picture of the blue screen & chinese characters but it will not upload on this comment box

  2. By any chance do you now if chuwi is planning a upgrade to windows 10 for the vi10?

    • Yes they will do, I think they have an image out on the official Chuwi.com forum. I’ll have a hunt for it soon.

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