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Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows 10 Update And Windows 10 Drivers

Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows 10 Update And Windows 10 Drivers

Teclast have posted on their Weibo today, that the X98 Air 3G can update to the official Windows 10 release out today. (I’m updating mine now to test it out) According to Teclast, it’s working just fine, only one issue with an unknown device in the device manager. But they have released their X98 Air 3G C5JX Windows 10 drivers pack to fix this:

X98 Air 3G C5J6 Windows 10 drivers pack (29th July 2015)111 MiB13886

Other models like the Air two to follow. And this driver update here might work on other models if you are experiencing any unknown devices.

Edit: Now running Windows 10 on my X98 Air 3G, i had no driver issues or device manager unknown devices.

You can jump straight over to Windows 10 or by pointing your browser here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 on your tablet you want to upgrade.

Upgrading your X98 Air 3G? Please join us in the X98 Air 3G / Air II Windows 10 upgrade thread for more.

Source: Weibo / Teclast Forums (Chinese)

X98 Air 3G C5J6 Windows 10 drivers pack (29th July 2015)
111 MiB
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  1. Chris, does the GPS on Windows 10 on Teclast X98 Air 3G work? That is: even if you turn OFF wifi and 3G, and If you run MAPS Windows program, does it provide a GPS lock & location, with offlined/downloaded map data?

  2. I installed Windows 10 on my C9J6. To install the best drivers, just pointed the installation to automatically search for drives in the “Windows 10/8.1 drivers” folder I created and then everything worked ok with no modification. Even touchsettings.gh wasn’t needed for touch to work. Only rear camera works, 3G, GPS, rotation…installed like a normal PC.

    The only problem I have is the battery that stick on 7% for a long time. Tried to completely discharge using the Windows 8.1 method but no luck.

    • I want to install Windows 10 64bits. I already upgraded to Windows 10 32bits. Currently my tablet has Android 5.0 also. Based on microsoft recommendation, I must do a clean install for the 64bits OS from a USB or DVD. I created the USB with the ms creation tool but the tablet does not boot from the USB. i also created a bootable USB with rufus software. No luck either. I am able to get into the BIOS and change the boot order putting as first priority the USB. No luck either. I also try the windows advanced startup option but no luck either.

      Any suggestions?

  3. Hi there, who can help me??? I got my Teclast X98 Air 3G with Windows 8.1 delivered and was officially proposed to upgrade/download/install Windows 10, which I did. Now my unit is on Windows 10, but windows 10 is not activated and I do not have an activation key. Windows 10 give me a lot of trouble and simple things like playing a movie from my NAS gives me permission errors, also when wanting to play a movie it launches VLC which is even not installed in the Windows partition of the Tablet. Android part is working perfectly well with custom rom (Mirek190_v5.0-ultra-light Android 5.0). My wish would be to get the whole tablet to Android en eliminate Windows partition. How can I manage this, any hints/links?

  4. Hello there.

    What about GPS?

    Some sites say it’s there, some say it’s not there, some say it’s Android only.

  5. Can somebody help me with how I can resolve problem with camera on teclast x98. If I snap with my back camera the picture will appear black with no picture. It doesn’t affect the front camera only the back camera.

  6. Hello everyone. I have a teclast x98 and I have been using it for 5 months now. I upgraded to window 10 and I have been enjoying it but I found out that my both camera became inverted after upgrading so I contacted Microsoft Technician and he couldn’t find any solution to it but I asked if I can uninstall and install the camera back may be it will correct the inversion. He said it was a nice suggestion and I did but I never knew it was a wrong advise because since I uninstall I have been facing a lot of challenges in restoring it back even after I saw some similar solution in here. I followed as directed by downloading window 10 driver but I couldn’t find any file to install after opening the camera file. I have corrected the front camera inversion but back camera is totally not there at all. Please anyone with a quick solution to get this camera back on my tablet should not hesitate to help plzzz. I have also contacted Teclast website by mails but all to know avail. All response concerning this will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello everyone,
      I have the same problem that Ayodeji described with camera on windows 10.
      Has someone the solution ?

  7. Above I explained that it had a problem with no answer.

    Perhaps it is solved with the re-installation of Windows10. Kindly you can have a guide or a link on how to reinstall windows10 over or cleanly?

  8. Hi Chris,
    in another place I asked fro help already.
    Just bevor i saw your thread about Win 10 and your Warning: “Notes
    1, in the “Settings” – “Updating and security” – “Recovery” Do not “reset this computer” will cause the computer to restart the blue screen has been in the loop, if this problem occurs, heavy brush firmware can be!” I´already made the mistake: I went to start a reset without keeping my files.
    Now I have the loop when choosing the language. No advantage in installing.
    I tried to install win 10 from stick with rufus and Win 10 iso, but there is no installing that goes. Everytime any error.
    Can I format c: in cmd and try it again?
    Do you have another idea?
    Pleas help. I am so sad.

  9. Hi guys, hi Chris . . .

    Have a problem:

    I have the X98 3G 64GB – C5J6 – DualBIOS 2.02 rom Mirek190 v.5 and Win 10. The bios 2.02 is the item I installed last. (With Win10 already installed)

    It worked fine but for two days no longer works the camera from windows (msg from Windows: “[I]I can not open this app[/I]“). Also I can not access the Windows store, (perhaps to install a new camera).

    PS: I disabled by windows the password prompt to access.

    how do I fix ?

    You could groped an advanced recovery of Win10 using the ISO image of Win10 via USB/?

  10. Hi, is it possible to write a guide on How to clean install Windows 10 on Teclast x98 Air dual boot? (without touch Android)

  11. Hi did it ultimately. The link below was the key.

    Thanks to Chris for supoort. My next project is to upgrade to Lollipop, the TeCknight debloated rooted default ROM.

  12. Chris saw your video. Its good. But in the copy screen my position is different. I have most of the options in CHinese and a very fewin English. Moreover, my system menu is also in Chinese fully. I attach three screenshots. Do you have some suggestions for me?
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?

    Waiting for your valuable advise.
    Thanks also to Adrien Wiwi. I am trying by your way too.

  13. I updated my c5j6 to Windows 10. Everything ok but huge lags may be due to drivers which I have not yet installed. But my main problem is entire system language is in Chinese and I am not able to change any settings and neither I am able to change ssystem language. ALthough the English is shown in the settings the system stays in Chinese whatever I do. Please help.

    • At the first start, the tablet lag, but once connected, it update and after next reboot, the lag gone.
      Changing the language is not so easy, as you don’t understand english! I have the same problem and i use a youtube tutorial for windows 8, it’s the same as windows 10, just google it.

  14. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
    This tool really did it for me after I tried Rufus, Iso2Disc and the manual preparation for a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10.
    Weird. But this might be your savior as well, if you previously encountered problems regarding the USB flash drive not popping up in the bios or booting section.

    • could u tell me how u fixed that problem??? My USB is not showing up in the bios

  15. Hi Chris, I urgently need help. After updating to win10 I did a reset. Now it just wouldn’t boot up, keep giving me the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error. What can I do?

    • No good sounds like the eMMC corrupted. You might have to try from an external USB drive. Go to the Windows 10 32gb download app. And make an install disk to install on another be option. Boot to this and then try and reinstall or repair Windows 10 if possible. If you get stuck, please post in our fourms, it’s there for this sort of thing: http://techtablets.com/forums/forum/teclast/x98-air-3g-air-ii-single-and-dual-boot/

      • Here is where to download the Windows 10 tool: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

        • Hi Chris, I did as you said to boot from USB. It went into recovery mode, I tried to reset again but it said it couldn’t, saying something like reset error. I tried to reinstall windows. I deleted the windows partition so that it becomes unallocated. Then I chose the unallocated partition but it just wouldn’t install. What has gone wrong?

          • I notice there’re recovery partitions. Will I be able to hard reset it to its original state straight from the factory? Surely the recovery partitions are meant to do that? Please help! I’m desperate!

      • Hi Chris, how do I boot to USB? And would I need a CD key to reinstall windows? How do I find out what’s my CD key? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi guys
    Just a few days ago, I updated my C5J6 to Windows 10. Everything works perfectly fine except when I wanted to unlock my sim card to connect to 3G. I keyed in my pin number, but it just wouldn’t allow me to click “NEXT”; the “NEXT” button just greyed out. I didn’t have a problem connecting to 3G back then with Win 8.1. No problems with Android either.
    Has anyone been experiencing the same issue? Any ideas how to resolve this?

    • No mine connected fine when I used my Vodafone sim in it, but I had hotspot sharing disable button in grey and to contact my network provider.

    • Hi,

      I have exactly the same problem, I try to uninstall and intall the drivers, now it is in english (it was in Chinese before) but it change nothing, i can’t press next after doing my pin number.
      I try to install may provider software, but the soft don’t reconize anything.
      My 3g was working in 8.1 and work in Android.
      I don’t know what to do next.

      • I try the windows 10 reinitialisation, and it is the same, i can’t press next.
        It take me time, and some drivers need to be reinstall manualy, but now i am stuck, and i can’t roll back to windows 8.1 due to the windows 10 reinitialisation.
        An there i no specific drivers for the 3G, it is a microsoft drivers.
        When the tablet first start i was able to press next during the first configuration, but the tablet has reboot immediatly after that.
        So there is a bug with some configuration, i will try another SIM when i found one.

        • Adrien, you found a solution? , I have the same problem. Thanks

          • No, I try everything possible, for me, it is a drivers issue in Windows 10, and it is a microsoft drivers, so I wait for a fix…

          • Ok, thanks.

    • I found a solution for this problem; have a look at the forum.

      • Thank you, it works for me, the First time, the tablet reboot, like during the windows first boot, but after it works.
        It seems to be a microsoft Bug, maybe a type of keyboard, because it works when you have only the keyboard with number.

  17. Hi Chris,

    Just got my tablet, had to pay 47 EUR extra thanks to German customs, but that’s another story.
    I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and got scared when I saw everything in Chinese, so I canceled it, it’s been a pain for the last couple of hours to try and make it work normally. So please share this with the others: once the update started, DON’T cancel it!
    A few questions:
    – is there a way to check my tablet is legit (just want to make sure it was worth the extra cash)?
    – did you get that charger with the tablet, or separately? Mine is a two piece that gets really hot when it charges.
    – does your tablet get hot when it charges?


    • Hi, I have to pay customs to here in Spain. 21% I don’t think anyone clones the X98 Air, not that I have heard of. The charger does get very hot when charging and the tablet too. This is normal. I mentioned that in my video that the upgrade is in Chinese to just hit next and next and once done it will revert to your language setting in 8.1 you had.

  18. Windows 10 64 or 32?

    • Windows 10 pro 32 bit

      • thank you.

        • But first you must do the upgrade.
          Then you can take the new key for a clean install by usb Stick.
          To become the new key you can use the programm ProduKey 1.80.

          But … can someone help me with the inverted cameras ?

  19. I upgrated my x98 air 3G c6j6 first. But menu and so on dont work. So reinstall by usb stick.
    Now works everything well. Only my front and rear camera is inverted. Is there a fix for that ?

  20. I have windows 10 on my air 3g, but I can’t seem to check my battery estimations when I touch the battery icon nothing happens. It won’t tell me how much time or percentage charge remain.

    However, when I click the windows mobility center it does show me the battery life percentage remaining. Is there a way to get the icon to show me a percentage?

  21. Upon upgrade I only applied 2 drivers from the pack you mention: kionix with a reg fix and a wifi one (it looked like its speed was too low). But I have now the dreaded 7% battery problem. Did you? What driver out of that pack can fix that?

    Thank you!


  22. Hello, I have a problem with Windows 10. I upgraded to Windows 10, but had some delay with the graphics, I made a restoration and is now at 66%, not moving, so takes 2 hours. Part of Android is fine, but if I turn off the tablet, when you start Windows restarts the restore process from 0% to 66%. I downloaded the Microsoft media application creation tool, but it does not work out an empty square and an OK button.

    Yesterday when I did on the tablet works well.
    Is there otherwise download Windows 10 or recovery the installation?


    • I managed to start downloading Windows 10 to make a clean install. I have to do something special to boot from the USB? Someone has made the clean install?


      • Sorry, I just did an upgrade as I want to keep the Windows licence valid, I think clean installs you run into Windows 10 key issues as you need to upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to get the free upgrade. Clean install is different it seems.

      • You will need the drivers in the post once you get into the system. Restore them and the reg file too.

        • Thank you Chris, I try a clean install tonight, although I have a little fear of spoiling the partition android.
          The question was because I created the stick of Windows 10, but I can not boot from it.
          In another forum I read something about a file that had bootia32.efi be replaced. You know about this?

          • I got it! Everything working, now it is much more fluid.
            Thanks for the info and the drivers.

            Has anyone tried lollipop?

          • Same intention, same issue. I wanted to do a fresh/clean Windows 10 (Home 32bit) installation, however I’m running into the problem that I cannot boot from my flash drive (which I tried out with rufus and iso2disc).

            How did you manage???
            …doesn’t the bootia32.efi only affect linux users?

  23. Hey Chris, I have a Teclast Air 3G Dualboot and want to upgrade it to windows 10 but there is not enought space left on the ssd (32GB version leaves just 15GB to windows). I want to uninstall android and remove all the partitions and leave the tablet with windows 8, then I will upgrade to windows 10. But I don’t know if one of those partitions is the boot menu and I don’t want to brik the tablet. Please help me.


      • Oops too late. I created a Windows 10 Usb and installed it right on the tablet deleting all the partitions. I could extract the windows license from the bios. licenciaNow I need to install the drivers because touchscreen and screen rotation don’t work and graphics are all laggy and make the tablet barely usable.

        I downloaded the windows 10 drivers from your website and I could install the g-sensor drivers, but in the graphic driver folder there are too many .exe and I don’t know which one I need to use, and the touchscreen driver gives me the error devcon.exe failed.

        • I finally found a way to install the drivers and I activated windows 10 with a generic serial. Now it’s working better than with windows 8 and with all the storage allocated to windows!

          • I just did a clean win10 install and need to do all the drivers…

            The display driver is the first one giving me trouble
            .. I have the whole driver package from techtablets but how do I install the display driver? I assume it is one of the many .exe under the Intel/graphic/ folder in techtablets deiver package but which one? I cant get the touchscreen to work either…

          • can you please let us know how you did it? I’m having trouble installing the drivers

      • Hey Chris thanks for doing this! Are there any guides out there that describe how we’re supposed to install the drivers? For the ones that don’t have a .txt document inside the folder describing what to do I’m not sure how to run them =/ thanks for any help!

        • Hi, download doubledriver (in our downloads here: http://techtablets.com/downloads-drivers-roms/) Run and restore with that. The touchsetting.gt will have to be install manaully.

          • Hey Chris,

            Thanks a bunch, I got almost everything working. The only thing is I have another I2C device under “other devices” that still has an unknown driver. Do you know what this could be? I cannot find any more information on it. The value is ACPI\OVTI2680\1.

  24. Hi Chris, aplying te reg fix and rebooting solved the probleem! I indeed have the c5j6.

    Thanks alot for your help!

  25. Hi, I have instaled windows 10 on my dualboot 64gb teclast x98 air 3g.
    only the screen rotation is iverted.
    If i turn the tablet from landscape mode to portrait. The Portrait modus will show upside down.
    the next question I have, how do i install the windows 10 drivers you included in this post. Some of them have an .exe file and have no problem with installing these.
    But most of the drivers have no executable in it.
    if i go to devicemanager and select update driver, and select the folder where the windows 10 drivers are located, it says best drivers already instaled..

    Thanks in advance,


    • Use the have disk option and install them from the device manager. You need to apply the reg fix for the inverted screen, Is your model a C5J6? Might not work for other models.

      • Thanks for a really good video Chris. I ran this update on my c5j6 but just like you said, the update tool is all in Chinese and I must have pressed the wrong button somewhere and canceled the procedure…

        So I decided to do a download of win10 onto a USB drive instead and do a clean install. This way I’m hoping that I will get to choose language and I can get my c5j6 to be all English? I have my product key and all intact, I haven’t flashed my BIOS so its all running stock stuff, except I’m running Mires v.4.2 Android ROM.

        Anyway, the question I’ve got is, if I allow Microsoft Win10 download tool to download it all for me onto a USB drive, will the tool make my USB drive correctly bootable to use on my c5j6? Do I need to change the boot order or anything in the BIOS on the c5j6 to get it to boot from the USB drive?

        • Well, looks like I answered my own question, I could not get my c5j6 to boot from the USB stick by default, I tried a couple of things but it just would not have it… But I did find a way, I had to go into the BIOS, click the “Boot” tab and select my USB stick which appeared under “Override boot selector” or something like that and this made my c5j6 boot from the USB stick once… Now I’m a bit stuck again as I don’t have a mouse and/or keyboard 🙁

          • As per my video the install starts and processes all in Chinese, but once it reboots and is set up it’s in English thankfully!

  26. Thanks Chris, much appreciated!

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