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Two Onda 9.7″ Retina tablets with new design teased

Two Onda 9.7″ Retina tablets with new design teased

Onda have announced two more 9.7″ retina tablets. The V919 Air DualOS and the V989 Air 8 cores (Android OS). The naming system is very confusing as it’s the same as the old models!

But they have a new thin and sleek design. I rather like the look of it, it’s a nice change from the iPad Air white look. Nothing was posted on the release date, pricing or the chipsets. I hope it’s going to be released with Windows 10 and Android 5.1, the icing on the cake would be a new Atom X5 cherry trail is inside that tablet (Dreams are free!)

What I can confirm is the following from the images: Dual boot, HDMI out, 32GB, sim card and microsd slot?, microusb and a rear camera with a LED flash?

Source: Onda’s weibo

Here are the press images:

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  1. What are the chances of the intel model having 4gb RAM? Cherry trail and decent memory would make these hard to resist.

    • I think it’s slim but if it had 4GB and at least a X5 8500 cherry trail, I would be sold to! My X7 and 4GB in my Surface performs great.

    • 4GB?? U need CORE M that hasn’t android support.

      • The higher end of the two x5 atoms and the x7 both support 4GB RAM. If these even have Cherry Trail I’m expecting they use the lower end x5 but one can hope.

  2. V919 Air DualOS – that will be x86 and could be any Intel CPU

    V989 Air 8 cores – I don’t know any 8 core consumer priced x86 CPU. I assume its a Mediatek 8 core and hence Android only. Note no mention of Dual OS on this one. Probably means I am right!

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