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Deals: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Sale Today

Deals: Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS Sale Today

Teclast’s authorized Aliexpress store OKQI will have a sale on the X98 Pro today (in China), the price has dropped down to $239. If you’re unaware, it’s the first Cherry Trail Atom tablet out of China with a retina 9.7″ 4:3 screen, Atom X5 Z8500, 4GB of Ram and a Samsung 64GB eMMC.

But I also noticed that Gear Best, will have the X98 Pro Dual OS version soon too for $241.60. I emailed their CS about it they told me they will be stocking the dual boot model due to ship this week. OKQI claim to have stock now on the 15th from Teclast.

So it seems GB are countering the Aliexpress sale, for few dollars more I would rather go with the seller using PayPal personally. If you are thinking about this tablet, I can’t stress enough to read my X98 Pro review. While it’s a good tablet, it does have its flaws.

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  1. Upon my point of view, temperature question is not a problem. All Intel Cpus work similar. Please test Surface and you will get the same temperature.
    The most important question is, you have to know this device has a protected system what stops if CPU could be damage and, besides, all temp parameters are upon Intel specs.: http://ark.intel.com/products/85474/Intel-Atom-x5-Z8500-Processor-2M-Cache-up-to-2_24-GHz
    So, do not spend your time in this question and let´s be rigorous, friends 🙂

  2. Hi everybody,
    This week, I knew Teclast has a new X98 PRO international version different to the sold one from China. They closed a new International version for EU specially. So, it looks like, they will have 2 international versions. They will launch the new one on Sept 27Th and this new version has not Chinese apks, it has new apks, several new free accesories what I do not know yet, European warranty,…. I work in a media in EU and we received it. They will sell from Spain to EU (teclast.es) as I can see on teclast.com. Upon my point of view, this step from Teclast is very, very interesting for EU people. I will pay attention to teclast.es in order to see the new presale.

  3. Sorry for my ignorance, so is this the US version? Not the Chinese one that will have to be re-installed?

    • Yes Windows 10 Home with first install setup language as English and Chinese, you can later install other languages.

  4. Yup… I am sitting this out until I see a hardware fix. Shouldn’t be hard for them, just a heat spreader to properly connect things.

    I am always suspicious when there is a massive sale on a product for a day only. Typically that means they are trying to shed themselves of old stock before releasing an updated one. Granted Teclast will never announce a hardware revision of this nature.

    • If anyone is in communication with the approved seller or Teclast. Perhaps they can get a confirmation that the throttling/heat issue has been resolved?

      @Chris have you reached out to Teclast to notify them of your review? I suspect they would listen to you considering the amount of eyeballs/traction your reviews get.

      • FYI, here is the FAQ to the Dual Boot: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/FAQ-Page-of-Teclast-X98-Pro-Dual-OS-Promotion-on-14th-Sep/609719_32467959995.html

        “This new batch has addressee the heat/throttling issues ?

        Since some of our old buyers asked about this problem. We specially ask Teclast to test the device. Their lab test result is after 2 hours running 3D Mark, the tablet got only 43 degrees shell temperature. Under 45 degrees it won’t influence normal usage.

        Some programs can detect the temperature but it’s instantaneous temperature of the Soc running which read from BIOS data. Intel has throttling system to protect the CPU. If the temperature gets too hot, the program will protect the tablet from damage. Since the tablet is equipped with stronger CPU and GPU, in some case the device can be hotter than older X98 Air series, especially with metal shell. Teclast has plan to work out a new BIOS to improve this.”

        Based on @chris review, this is exactly the problem not a reassurance, the case ‘shell’ stays relatively cool because the heat from the chipset is not properly being disposed of. Does anyone else read this differently?

        Good to hear a new bios is on the way!

        • Thanks, fingers cross the bios update fixes this and it will be a very decent tablet. The bios should improve battery life if the Atom turbos less.

      • Yes, I did and I got the same response as their official Aliexpress seller. They said it’s been engineered to not exceed 45 degrees on the skin of the tablet. I’m sure that a bios update should fix this or at least lower temps nicely. The tablet turbos for too long on all 4 cores at 2.24 Ghz max turbo.

  5. Maybe someone with db could extract the bios??? Give us sb peeps an opportunity to get db?

  6. It´s strange that OKQI says win10+Android5.1
    On GearBest they have commented a post with this:
    “this device is pre-installed Windows 10 + Android 5.0 systems. I am sorry that it is not equipped with Android 5.1. Thank you for your kind understanding.”

    • I think it’s got to be Android 5.0 like all of the other Lolipop roms from Teclast. I ordered one, I hope the new bios addresses the over the top turbo+heat issues.

  7. To anyone who does buy the DB version, any chance you can quickly post a comment here regarding the overheating? Like how warm does it get using Android?

    Perhaps Teclast has addressed the issue (unlikely but one can always dream) in their DB version?

    • I still think a bios update could help fix the issue, the X5 Z8500 seems to turbo for too long.

  8. I signed up for GearBeasts news-list and got $5 voucher code (actually $50 (10x$5) but you can only use one at a time)
    So with that GearBeast will be cheaper with $236,6.

    I´m no gamer, and probably would just use it for common things like surfing the web, paying my bills and watching some Netflix.
    Is it a good choice then, or would the Air II be enough for that?
    Is the heat issue only when you´r playing heavy games?

    • Streaming video can get the heat up, but the throttling for me was only doing something intensive like gaming or watching 4k. The Air II or Air 3G could also handle that.

    • Netflix ? The 4:3 screen will eat you.

  9. I’ll pass until they re-engineer the flaws out of it and slap in an upgradable World 4G LTE-A pentaband radio.

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