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Details on the Onda oBook 11

Details on the Onda oBook 11

Details have emerged via an Ali Express listing that the Onda oBook11 is not powered by a Core M, but a Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8300, 2GB of Ram and a 32GB eMMC drive. It looks like a clone of a Yoga book, with a keyboard that can flip 360 degrees behind the screen turning it into a tablet or it can be used in a presentation mode to support itself upside down like a tent. These photoshopped images sure make it look better than it is in real life (knowing Onda)


Other specs look good (on paper) 8000mAH battery, 11.6″ 1920 x 180 screen, 2 x USB 3.0 ports. BT 4.0, Wireless N, 1.2 kilos and 16mm thick.

The price of $235 USD doesn’t seem too bad coming from a seller on AliExpress with large mark ups. Which makes me think this must be around $200 usd in China? So what’s the interest level in this one? Do you guys think this could be okay? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks, James R for the tip!

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  1. hi guys.
    you can see here unpacking. video is not mine

  2. Stuck between Onda Obook and Chuwi hi10 + keyboard. Both going to cost about the same for me around $300 AUD. I like the fact Onda FHD 11.6 (which i prefer) vs 10.1 screen, but storage & ram falls short & of course the build quality. Will wait for Techtablets review, infact this should be the next review unit as there is none on net i could find!

  3. Hi, do you think this tablet will be avalible to run games like League of Legends?


  4. This looks amazing, 1080p touch screen for $250 ! Just saw it on geekbuying.com. For that price it’s a steal.

  5. Just found a 4/64GB version by Voyo 🙂 The linked page is a bit odd thou as it says its a z8300 and then later lists gen 7 gfx. That should say gen 8?


  6. If the build quality is good enough and they do a 4/64GB version I will definitely be interested. The fact that it has a permanent attached keyboard for me is a good thing. It means the systems weight balance is not to top heavy and will not fall over like most tablet keyboard docks. The performance may not be massive but as a minimum spec for my game projects it’s a great little dev system and also faster than my current Voyo a1 mini Bay Trail setup (never found a good keyboard for that one). It’s not in the same league as my desktop system but that’s for work VR development along with other projects.

  7. I mean, I personally put down the bong a long time ago. But the fact that it’s ‘potable’ will entice plenty ;). Those ingenious little Chinese fellas.

  8. Hey Chris , the fact is this $200 laptop category is getting quite popular for a couple of reasons. First, people are getting tired of paying super-high prices for laptops that seem to be the best you can buy , only to be outdone with the next best thing in 6 months or less. Second people are coming to realize they spend 95% of the time just browsing, watching YouTube, listening to Spotify and streaming Netflix, Hulu, sports etc….. Most people simply aren’t professionals. It’s literally the “only” reason why a Chromebook could be successful! Personally speaking, I have the i7 Quad Core, 16gb, 512gb ssd, Nvidia GTX ,gaming ,editing, throw everything you can at it, dynamo. I have to admit, having a little 2lb laptop for streaming, surfing and spotify for $200 sounds damn good to me because I don’t have any illusions of what the hardware is capable of. I don’t know much about Onda, but if they can pull off what they preach with acceptable build quality, it could be somewhat of a game-changer and benchmark for what you can get for your money spec wise. This will only force the big brother companies to step up and compete. Then we all start winning!!! Soon you will see core m, 4gb, 128ssd 11″ laptops for under $250! In all honesty they could all do it, but they’ve been so busy trying to convince everyone this kind of tech is expensive to produce and it’s really not. Apple has been making fools of the consumer for decades with their overpriced sweatshop trinkets that cost pennies on the dollar to produce with slave labor. The point is, they can all do it and it’s just a matter of time til someone throws there hat in the ring , let’s the cat out of the bag and upsets the balance of possible. I know a lot of people will line up to laugh and bash an under powered machine they believe they are too good for without seeing the big picture and that is these little laptops are getting better and better for less and less!!! Each time someone ups the ante, it’s the rival and marketing business model to call or raise! NOW is Onda the company that’s going to push the issue? All $200 competitors Asus X205ta, HP stream 11, Lenovo S21e and the Win10 Acer aspire one cloudbook and Lenovo 100S etc.. all have 1366×768. Onda has a 1920×1080. Onda comes with touch, none of the others do and the 360 yoga design can be an appealing novelty to many. If Onda can produce a good build quality and a solid US marketing campaign it could push the issue. When tablets came out they served as a great example of the future for more than one reason. Not just the obvious form factor, but more importantly the advancing architecture that would lay the ground work for everything the modern laptop will become. Weightless, fanless, no spinning parts, (probably a year from wireless charging) and an ever growing battle between performance vs heat generation. I guess my point is when you look at the latest $200 laptop think of it as the first under performing tablets. Tablet architecture, from a design point (especially 14nm) has since become the standard for all slim designs and these budget laptop competitions, from a consumer standpoint, will rewrite the expectation of “getting what you paid for”.

  9. This is a fixed 360 degree hinge which does not allow screen undocking, yes? Unless this type of design lasts a lot longer than a docking design I can’t see the benefit of using it. It’s a less flexible, less useful design.

  10. As I said earlier this looks very interesting..especially now with that 11.6″ fhd screen, usb ports and keyboard, only (onda) quality could be an issue.. do you plan to get one considering the price?

    • I think I might, just to video review. I doubt I’ll have time for the full written review. My concern like you, is Ondas build quality.

      • You must be a sadist buying yet another poor quality Onda tablet, they should be paying you to put up with it! If this was made by cube or teclast I would’ve been very interested.

        • Would pay to hang off and see some Chinese review site review it first, but they would only say it’s wonderful and the best thing ever (Paid review). I agree, if it was a Cube or Teclast, then at least I could trust the build. Onda are the worst.

          • 32gb for dualboot and undocking keyboard sux

          • Agreed, 64GB at least. I can live with the keyboard as this is really a Notebook they way I see it. Wonder if they put a crappy BWIN 32GB eMMC in it with 45mb/s read and 25 write haha crippling it.

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