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Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS In Stock At Banggood For $235

Teclast X98 Pro Dual OS In Stock At Banggood For $235

Banggood now have stock of the dual OS Teclast X98 Pro Cherry Trail 4GB retina tablet. My order with GB still didn’t ship after almost 3 weeks so I canceled it and ordered from Banggood.com here yesterday and it has shipped today. That’s a quick turnaround, if only all sellers were like this.

So I’ll have the factory K9C6 Dual OS model in a week or so to review and not my current X98 Pro K9C3 which I converted to a dual boot just for testing. The new dual boot K9C3 X98 Pro bios and rom is very much a beta, cameras don’t work and the battery life on this beta bios and rom has taken a huge turn for the worst. I’ll be lucky to get 2-3 hours in Android and sleep is using battery life as if it was powered on almost. The stock K9C6 model won’t be a beta and shouldn’t have these issues.

X98 Pro dual OS (K9C6) in stock and shipping for $235 at Banggood.com here: http://www.banggood.com/Teclast-X98-Pro-WIFI-Intel-Z8500-Quad-Core-2_24GHz-9_7-Inch-Win10-Tablet-p-990292.html

Be sure to check my Teclast X98 Pro review to get an idea of how the tablet performs in Windows.



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  1. Hi,
    I have some questions again. Is Bios accessible? Can you set C-State or something like that? Undervolt CPU? I saw your comparing to Air 3G and this new Z8500 had a lot of higher voltages. Can you run Intel XTU? It should be finally for Core M, but I don’t know if also for this new Atoms. It can get a big GPU boost even for Core M and also power saving if undervolt. Thanks.

  2. Dears, I also have ordered Teclast x98 Pro at Gearbest.
    Are you aware how to cancel order and request money back, because until now they promiss only.
    I wrote to them return mony if will not ship until this Friday…

    • I waited 3 weeks, I canceled by opening a support ticket asking it be refunded. They confirmed this and a day later I got the Paypal refund.

  3. Hi,
    When you get the new Dual boot version can you please check if it has EMMC 5.0? It should, but I read that Cherry trail only support 4.5.1 🙁 Do you have any infromation about new x5 8500 tablets better then this one? Or x7 8700 would be better. Thanks

    • Teclast posted an eMMC 5.0 image in their presentation. But it was just a bit of false info, as it seems the Cherry Trail doesn’t support it.

  4. D dual boot version doesn’t have 3g???

  5. Hi Chris, where from Banggood ships teclast tablets? Hong kong or China?

    • Looking at my tracking info, it’s PostNL. But no way to say for certain it’s coming out Hong Kong. I would think it would be via the Hong Kong postal hub there. Teclast are in Shenzhen and Banggood in Guangzhou.

      I know all my express shipments are definitely out of Hong Kong, they move from the Shenzhen to HKG, then over to Germany and down to Spain. Hope that helps.

  6. Do you have any news on a 4G version of the X98 Pro?

    • Nothing yet, I hope it comes out before the year is over 🙁

  7. at this point there is no hope for the overheating issues to be resolved right?

    • Well I still think a bios update will help. The Asus Transformer Book T100HA I just received also gets up to 86 degrees or more. It seems it’s the chipset. But the X98 Pro performs much faster, have a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h42Llc0hgUs

      Even if it does throttle its still the fastest X5 Z8500 4GB I’ve tested so far, almost as fast as my Surface 3’s X7 Z8700. I’m interested in seeing how the Cherry Trail Chuwi’s will perform.

      • Any news/gossip about Chuwi cherry trail price and specifications ?

  8. Will be interesting to know if it arrives with the Android ‘noisy recording’ bug – as warned about on the Banggood sales page

    • Have people reported that? My first Chinese release one had bad mic recording. But my current K6C3 (Int’l) it’s good. I’ll make sure to check that, thanks for pointing it out.

    • So what they are saying on the sales page is an OTA fixes this I think.

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