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Teclast X98 Pro Mirek190 V1.1 Custom Rom Released (Updated)

Teclast X98 Pro Mirek190 V1.1 Custom Rom Released (Updated)


Update: Mirek190 has released 1.1 version, it’s the same Rom, just now the download incorporates the flashing tool. The download is below.

Mirek190, famous for his work on the X98 Air 3G has released his first custom rom for theTeclast X98 Pro. This Rom called v1 has all the Chinese apps removed, tweaks and improvements over the stock Teclast Rom.

I haven’t tested this one myself yet as I couldn’t bring every tablet with me on holiday to New Zealand, but you should be able to flash this with the Intel MFG Flash tool and drivers, then selecting Flash.Json to flash in DnX mode. (Power on and hold vol + and – to enter DNX node)



X98 Pro Mirek190 v1 Rom features:

Features :



– fully rooted
– removed all Chinese apps – ( only left a teclast boot manager )
– region changed to GB and time to GMT
– I made script to flash only android ( clean install ) and windows will be kept untouchedFlash ROM.json ( just select default option to flash )
– added chrome as a rom app
– added YouTube as a rom app

Is faster than Samsung note 5

Source and download in our forums: Mirek190 V1 X98 Pro



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  1. Sorry if this is a really obvious question but does this new ROM have any affect on the Windows OS or is it just improving the Android OS?

  2. I use V1 of this rom and it works like a charm. Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. I use Android on x98 pro feel it has lag. operation is not smooth than powerful configurations available.
    I see that android on Xiaomi mipad 2 work much better.

    • If you run the stock Android 5.1 ROM it’s really generic & some even have the camera driver not working properly in later batch… go flash the Mirek ‘s ROM.
      If you run Windows 10, go look at how many the default background services that’re running, if you’re knowledgeable enough, definitely you want turn some of them off! It’s installed as you ‘re running desktop version!
      Again, as I mentioned earlier, Chinese tablet maker spend really little effort on software, not even configure the ROM to match the minimalistic hardware profile.

  4. Guys, how do you think, should I buy Chuwi Vi8 or wait for Chuwi vi8 plus? What do you think, will be vi8 plus throtle?

    • Hi, it might throttle, so many new X5 Z8300 throttle. Only the Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate and X98 Plus don’t.

      • Are you going to review the Vi10 Ultimate? As I am planning on buying one soon- if it really doesn’t throttle anyway. Good to hear that it doesn’t.

    • I just recently had this question myself. After seeing the video here of the iwork8 throttling for it’s life to sub-Bay Trail performance, I went ahead and bought a Vi8 because it looks like they’re ceasing production on the Bay Trail models, there is no solid release date for the Plus (December 31 sounds like more of a “we have no idea when it’s coming” to me) and I’d want the dual version anyway which probably won’t show until at least February at this rate. Especially if you need the older model with HDMI, my advice would be buy it now because they won’t be restocking them when they’re gone.

    • IMHO, if you compare among Chinese makes, Teclast is still the best in term of built.

  5. I wish he can do one for the X16 Pro as Android on the X16 needs major improvements!


    Does anyone know for certain if this will work on the X16 Pro?

    • He would need a X16 Pro to improve the Rom. I sent Mirek my X98 Pro so he could start making Roms for this tablet.

      • Hey Chris,

        Being that the script is to flash the Android side only leaving the Windows side intact, do you think that because the Cherry Trail Chips are identical between the X98 Pro & the X16 Pro, can’t we then use this ROM in the X16 Pro?

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