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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Cube i9 Review (Video)

Cube i9 Review (Video)

Here’s the Cube i9 Video Review. It has just been posted up on the YouTube channel, I’ll also be giving the model a full written review which is currently being worked on now. That should be posted soon, but for now here’s a summary of it all in the below video.

After using the tablet now for more than a week as my sole work tablet, I can recommend this one. While it does have some cons overall it’s a great tablet and the closest one yet to a Surface Pro 4 M3. It’s handled everything I’ve throw at it well, including some 1080 video editing in PowerDirector 14 (Only light work) Also, be aware that the first batch of units has problems reading MicroSD cards larger than 32GB. However, the newer models should be able to read them just fine as when I recovered my i9 with a newer bios my unit now reads my larger cards without issues.

If you are looking to get one, make sure you watch the video review here, which should at least, give you a general overall impression of the unit. Make sure you see the end with the Pros and Cons.

Key findings:

  • Great design and good build quality
  • Excelent keyboard and very decent trackpad.
  • Practical two-position kickstand.
  • Type-C Port can be used to charge the tablet, with USB 3 ports and display out. (You’ll need a USB Type C dock for that)
  • Great performance, even if it’s limited somewhat with power limits & thermals
  • No thermal throttling
  • SSD is a M.2 2242 unit and be replaced and upgraded.
  • MicroSD card slot problems
  • Thermals could be improved. When gaming reaches 88 degrees max
  • But, it can be modified to lower thermals upto (20 degrees max temps) and if power limits are increased, can perform better than a Surface Pro 4 M3
Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. This is a late update, but I found that the USB 3.0 port on my tablet does not actually support full usb 3.0 speeds….it has a limit close to 35-37mb/s max

    I tested an external HDD on both the USB 3.0 port and the USB-C port and the results are
    – USB 3.0 Port: approximately 37mb/s
    – USB-C Port: almost doubles to 67mb/s

    This is disappointing.

    The Cube i7 Stylus was an amazing tablet, I regret returning it, even with an prematurely worn battery…

    The Cube i9 seems to have lots of quality issues, i.e. divergences per unit
    – screen defects
    – speaker issues
    – lower wifi speeds / lower signal

    I am quite discouraged from trying out Cube again…seriously, my experience with Teclast has been much better.

    Don’t know what’s up with Cube or with the i9 tablet production, but I won’t be choosing them for my next tablet.

    • Also, the Samsung 32GB MicroSD card that I had tested and found to be working on the previous i9 units I received, no longer works on this one…
      …got no words for it…

      It has the v5.11 Bios, in case you’re wondering.

      I might just return this one for a refund…if only I had not spent a year’s Banggood points on this tablet…

      …also, I won’t be buying any accessories again, before making sure I have a proper functioning unit….got the CDK07 keyboard and I strongly dislike it.

      …seriously Chris, I love your videos, but the only area where I don’t trust your reports is keyboard (and stylus) testing…you seem to easy to please there.
      – The keys are very small – The Enter button is even smaller than the right Shift for God’s sake
      – the trackpad buttons are quite hard to press
      – typing is bumpy with a cheap feel
      this is not worth 60$ I paid for it…not even close.

      …I had better luck with random 10euros Chinese BT keyboard there.

  2. Chris, I want to start by saying I love watching your review videos and that they are by far the most in-depth reviews on these tablets available online. I do wish you would have mentioned the grainy effect the Cube i9 has on its screen.. it looks like an old screen protector is on the screen at all times and gives the entire display a rough crystal like sheen through the entire glass display, which imo greatly lowers the viewable resolution of the screen.. could anyone confirm that this is the case with theirs as well?

    • I still have the screen protector on mine, so this I missed. Sorry about that, I will try to at least peak under the protectors at the glass. I leave them on (only taking off the first layers) because I have so many tablets around and it’s very easy to scratch these nonscratch-resistant displays.

      I’ve already dropped and broke a Hi8 screen, X98 Air III screen/ dented case and scratched my Hi12 after dropping a Hibook on it storing it in my drawer. So you see why I want to keep them on it. Later I sell some of these locally and have to try and recuperate some of my huge monthly expenses.

  3. No reason to baffle your card about those speeds

    and particallly if its the internal microsdcard-reader your using.- in most cases its funded on an usb2.0 bandwich..

    Not sure how it is, with Cube I9 but many of these china-tablets use the same “all in all-package”, – on my x2 pro the internally sdcardslot is restricted to USB2 speedsocket, ewen thow the x2 got numerous USB3.0 ports, so the speeds in the intern-card slot is about half of the ones I get from same card in adap’usb3.0 port on same device..

    Chris ‘ if you got an usb sd card-reader 8pin, like usb3.0 or 3.1 USB checked if the card speeds thrue the i9s C-port ‘ is not on par with the norm for the card..

  4. first post, i know its not on a forum, but which should i shell out the money for? i9 or chuwihi12?

  5. Hey Chris, does the Surface 3 type-cover fit this Cube i9? I need a keyboard with a Nordic layout, and I don’t think there’s any around for Cube i9.

  6. Sigh, seems so nice! Sad that it has no stylus support. I was really hoping they used a wacom again. But being able to charge over usb c 3.1 is a huge benefit–I have a portable battery than can charge a apple macbook over usb c so it should have enough juice to do that also.

  7. I got one that suffered from phantom start taps that made using the tablet impossible. I have uploaded a video on YouTube and So Cube is getting back really slowly on this. Otherwise, it seemed like a really nice tablet for the price.

    • Just make a factory recovery of windows and see if that fixes the issue.

      • Actually that’s the first thing I did. Unfortunately it did not work. It’s definitely a hardware problem with the capacitive start button.

  8. Great review! As Chris mentioned this tablet definitely would benefit of Chuwi Hi12 screen quality.

  9. Thanks for the review! Got a question related to Cube i9’s battery life.

    I have Chuwi Vi10 and probably its biggest problem is that it loses charge even when being charged during use.

    Two questions.

    1. Does Cube i9 suffer from the same problem?
    2. Does Cube i9 charge quickly?


    • Sounds like your charger or cable can’t supply it with enough current.
      Try the orginal charger and cable.
      The cube i9 has a dedicated 12v powerplug and shouldn’t have that problem.

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