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Cube i9 Vs Teclast X3 Pro Comparison

Cube i9 Vs Teclast X3 Pro Comparison

The two flagship Intel Core M3’s compared in this video comparison, the X3 Pro uses last years X2 Pro housing and keyboards. But it’s got an edge (pun intended) over the Cube i9 with its 8GB of RAM, Stylus support and Wireless AC.

Speed wise they are very similar, the X3 Pro has slightly better scores in most benchmarks, but not all. The X3 Pro has slower SSD drive. And benchmarks aren’t everything, the Cube i9 for me is a more refined machine with a better typing experience thanks to the wider, larger keyboard and high-quality one at that. The round edges of the Cube i9 make it better when held using it as a tablet, where my biggest complaint of the X2 Pro continues in the X3 Pro, the sharp edges make it very uncomfortable to hold. And the Cube has a kickstand so it can be stood up to watch a movie for example without having to hold it tiring your hands.

And the screen of the Cube i9 is just more practical, smaller bezels, sharper with better colors. It’s more accurate than the 11.6-inch touch panel on the X3 Pro. More responsive and smoother when scrolling in Edge for example. (As demonstrated in the video)

Both tablets run into power limiting when pushed hard gaming. Both reach around 85+ degrees. But don’t reach TJ limits risking powering off to protector the CPU’s. This isn’t ideal and if they had better thermal heatsink designs with come copper, performance could be increased from the 6W Power Limit to 7W.

So to sum it up:

Reasons to buy the Cube i9 over the Teclast X3 Pro:

  • Better design and build.
  • Better, larger keyboard offers an improved typing experience over the X2 Pro keyboards
  • 1920 x 1200 16:10 screen looks better with smaller bezels and touch is more responsive.
  • Faster SSD
  • Marginally better battery life over the X3 Pro. (Around 30 minutes)
  • Louder speakers with better stereo separation
  • Kickstand
  • USB 3.1 Type-C port

Reasons to buy a Teclast X3 Pro over the Cube i9:

  • More RAM, 8GB Vs the Cube’s 4GB (But the Teclast’s is clocked slightly slower)
  • Stylus support, the X3 Pro offers support for an active pressure sensitive stylus.
  • Intel Wireless AC support. (The Cube has only Realtek Wireless N)
  • Cheaper than the Cube i9
  • Slightly faster in some benchmarks


My winner is the Cube i9 of the two. But then I don’t need a stylus and can live without wireless N taking into account all the pros of the Cube i9. Ideally, I would love to see the i9 with stylus support and wireless AC. I hope to see Cube release a new Core M3 model that combines the best of the i9 with features the X3 Pro has.

Or Teclast should release a new design Core M3 that addresses the audio, an improved screen and more ergonomic design with rounded edges.


*Note: Both units are being compared with stock benchmark results. Both can be modified with improved heatsinks as seen on my Cube i9.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Hi dear Chris,
    thank you for your comparison. its very good to see you for this amazing review about this tablets
    but I still need your helps In my confusion, so i hope you if you answer me
    I ordered cube i9 last week and now I am really sad,
    because this tablet has just 4gb ram and no support stylus for drawing same surface pro 1…4
    this company next year will be release new i9 with 8gb and stylus support and i very sad about this tablet cube i9
    can you help me
    Something that is very important to me about the ram,
    i see many review about ram 4gb vs 8gb in gaming and i am semi-gamer
    i see fps this tablet on gta 5 without mod were 12…15 fps
    and with mod were 30…35 fps but with very lag Occasionally
    and see a m3 6y30 with 8gb ram this were 35 fps on gta 5 without mod (just with 2x 4gb ram)

    this device : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3geGwfViY9g

    i think if teclast x3 pro mod same cube i9, fps in gta 5 will show 40…45 fps without any lag
    if you have a little time in a night before sleep for me, can you test teclast x3 pro with gta 5 without mod ?

    thank you for your nice website.

  2. i want to suggest that cube i9 is better than teclast x3, as i have ordered the same as gearbest is providing free delivery and it is available at a lucrative price $449 only at http://goo.gl/kHRa6c , it is much much better than teclast x3 in terms of performance and display!!

  3. What is m.2 Type of Card, x3 pro ??

    Can I replace a LAN card ??

    I would like to see the back of decomposition Photos

  4. Guys, is The 4gb of RAM on The Cube i9 replaceable? Or it’s sticked/soldered to The main board? Just to know whether The RAM could be upgraded to 8gb also on the cube… thx

  5. Shipping is from China, so it will probably take 2-4 weeks before I get it. I can´t imagine that they have huge stock, so I would recommend that you order as soon as you get a response, confirming they will ship to Spain. There is a more to win than to lose at this price.

  6. Do you have any plans to review the new Cube iwork12? Would be cool to do a comparo with the Chuwi

  7. The touchscreen controllers are indeed different: Cube i9 uses a FocalTech FT5926 and the Teclast X3 Pro a Goodix GT9110P.
    Goodix supports a Active Stylus but is unfortunately much more inferior to simple capacitive touch functions.

  8. I have learnt how to compress Windows Folders for extra Space gains..

    I average 1.5GB – 3GB for different computers…

    Goto an elevated Command Promt


    compact /compactos:always

    this will take some time.. but for people who have 32gb.. makes a difference..
    may see some slowdowns during use.. but not so bad!!!

  9. Chris, I understand that the gesture problem (pinch to zoom) may not be the most important problem for all, but for me it makes it impossible to use the X3 keyboard. Not that I can use it anyway at the moment, the one I got from Gearbest had a number of keys not working, Gearbest accepted to refund without returning the defective one (!!!!!!!!), I ordered a new one, but, less than a week later, Gearbest cancelled the order because they were out of stock and they insist that the product will not be made anymore (!). This is nonsense of course, but I don´t know if I will order again or continue to use an external keyboard as long as there is no solution to the zoom problem.
    But my question is, does Cube have gestures enbled, and if so, is it possible to disable in the settings?

    The other question I have, with Cube´s keyboard, can you use the tablet-keyboard as a true laptop, i.e. on your lap?

    • It’s a problem on most of these touchpads. I’ll try to remember to cover it as I mostly just use a mouse 80% of the time. The Chuwi Hi12 has a similar problem with gestures. And none of these have a way to disable it (A Windows issue) The Cube i9, like a Surface Pro can be used on your lap. But it’s risky, I dropped my Surface Pro 3 from my lap as it flipped back and the keyboard unlatched causing the tablet to fall. Lucky it was over the carpet and nothing happened. So best not to try using it on your lap I think.

      • I am pleased that you plan to cover gestures. It is a makers´issue, that they don´t want to pay to have their touchpads certified by Microsoft, but, as you say, it is a Windows issue that you cannot enable or disable gestures. It is typical Microsoft to make the common user, who has no clue of what a Precision Touchpad is before he buys his PC, pay for their rigid policies against hardware makers.

        I mostly use my X3 Pro in the living room and often have it on my lap, because I need to get the screen closer to my eyes. I use it latched to my only partially working keyboard as a stand. Since I dropped it once, I learned to avoid sudden movements. I think the old foldable keyboard is more difficult to use in this way.

      • If anyone still needs to buy a keyboard for the X3 Pro, the old foldable one is on sale here http://thecostprice.com/product/original-teclast-x3-pro/ at the fabulous price of $12.00, free shipping.

        • this page is reliable ?
          for deliveries to Spain

          • I am still waiting for delivery, so I can´t say I know if they are reliable. It is obviously an unusual type of business, but they responded fast to my email to this address: [email protected] (not when I used the web contact form, however). I believe they ship to the whole world, but you can email and ask about Spain.

          • 12US shipped, seems ridicalus – just shipping this bulksize from China is not fare from that..

            thx for the notice, but I highly doubt that these item and prices will see daylight, other then just lock some money on ones cards with some hazzle to attend..

            it seem there not selling anything, but imply guessing, under the princip (perhaps if we buy a lot, we can get it to that price)

            take this product here for 22US..

            Its listed as new product and not in stock yet before 11june at Banggood for 99US ..


            22US at CP.. tjahh sometimes the trees grow into the sky, but most of the times they simply dont,..
            anybody ever got anything from this site?

          • A quick glance through their site indicates they are an outlet for surplus and in some cases reconditioned goods. At $12 I thought it worth finding out if they are reliable or not, but everybody has to make their own judgement about that.

          • Bjorn Muller.. just be carefull your not been taking for an ride..and please validate the market for what there are offering and not simply blindspot an single item.. there site and what is offered say a lot

            most is new releases where a good part still aint in stocket at the big china-warehouses yet and they are promoting these items 450% cheaper then like Banggod on some of these..(thats a lot when we allready are in competetive-prices like BG prices)

            such values say a lot.. and partically ref not released items, like link’d exemp..so take your precaution Bjorn, some site speculates in the hazzle it takes the get ones money back, and just want people commited with there purse and will take them for an round-about in there system around different employes with numerous excuses and big and small delays and reasons, and hope that they will wear the buyer down, and in an fashion where it doesnt make sense to pursue ones payment any further with more used time…

          • Sorry if my tone was an little psynic (cant edit it) and as an fellow tech-user buying from China..you already likely know much of this.

            I hope they are 4 real and you get it and thx for the notice and allways prefered to let it be up to the viever if they wanne role with an site and partically on an site like this.. this keyboard is solid as an product where-ever you get it from, and also if you end up with retail 35value, only thing im missing’ is an dedicated adv. button to turn of trackpad, the lack of USB port i certainly value and not getting the package any bulkier, and its not like your missing USB ports on the teclast x2 & x3series.

            • It´s OK! Thanks for your concern, but at $12 I think I can afford to be taken on a ride. Anyway, I will keep you all posted on the progress,if any.

        • Do not hesitate to let me know, when you get. I contacted them to see who tell me

      • Chris,
        It is a long while now, for various reasons, but today I finally received my X3 keyboard, the new one with flap cover, from Gearbest. In the meantime, I have survived with the original, but partially defective (some keys not working) fixed-angle keyboard and actually come to like the X3. It is good for what I use it for.
        But today came the final blow. The new keyboard, the only one available now. doesn`t have an AltGr key. It means I can not use the Swedish keyboard layout to type special Swedish and other characters, like e.g. @. But even worse, It also comes without numeric keys, so I can´t type them using Alt+codes either. In fact, even an English speaking user will have problems, because even if you use an English keyboard there are a lot of characters that require the Alt+code method. The British £ currency character is one example.

        Chris, how did you manage, when you reviewed the Teclast X3?

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