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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Cube i9 Core M3 $399 Flash Sale

Cube i9 Core M3 $399 Flash Sale

Update: 13th. GearBest has released 200 more units at this price…

Now this wasn’t working for me to begin with, but it should be now. There 26 units of the Cube i9 Core M3 for $399 over at GearBest. This is a drop down from around $460 I think it was previously. And the sale price is the same as the big Aliexpress sale. The deal is here. Now if it shows up as $449 email only deal which it does for me there is a way around that I found. Clearing my cache and cookies worked and also using the mobile link: if all else fails.

Edit 11 June, I ordered one for someone yesterday and it shipped today with photo proof.


If you’re interested in this Core M3 model, be sure to check out my full review here:


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  1. I see cube i9 now with 128GB?? Maybe new model?? +100$ ofc…

  2. I ordered one 2 days ago and it shipped the same night…so thats very fast.
    Now on scheduled delivery for monday next week (expedited shipping, DHL)

  3. Cube i9 seem to be disappearing from ali. Weird..

    • Maybe because the production line shifted to the i7 Book for now, to ramp up stock then back to i9?

  4. I’m trying to understand what I’m gaining for the extra $100 compared to this:

  5. My order of 18th June was delayed leaving Gearbest (to be fair it did say it would be shipped out on 22nd so they got it right), and has already hit Aussie shores and cleared customs. Now I’ll just have to wait the regulatory week for it to get to regional Australia.

  6. Good afternoon! It is the installed operating system license (10 windose home)? I check with the key and the product code in the Microsoft Support Service reported that my key and code for the freezing of the product, and yavlyayutsya kluchem MSDN. I wrote to the seller, to which he replied: “We install OEM version of Windows, Windows using range and policy in different countries have different standards and requirements.” but as far as I know, any OEM license, and even stretches as COA with a sticker with the number key, and if the key zazhit in the BIOS windose logo. On my plate no sticker with a key or a logo.
    Could you please check your key and do this review?

  7. Is the PWM flickering in this tablet really bad? Considering buying it.

  8. Thanks for the tip! Order placed.

    • Good luck, i am still waiting for my Chuwi hi12 to ship out which was in stock, and is more than a week from when i placed order with expedited shipping. Never using Gearbest again!!!!

      • A week are nothing using Gearbest 🙂 They have great prices, but they lack in everything else 😛

        • I ordered one yesterday and it has shipped today. See the post for proof.

          • I got the same proof but still nothing on dhl tracking site after one week.Only info about shipping recieved, no package itself. Hopefully you are more lucky than i am!

      • Thanks but it appears I won’t be receiving the i9 after all. They’ve just asked me to send them photo of my id and credit card. I guess living in a lawless third world country (Switzerland) makes you automatically a suspect.

        I refused, and am now waiting for their answer.

        • Did you pay via card directly (i.e. not via Paypal, whether with Balance or not) ?

          I’ve heard this before about expensive orders from abroad; perhaps some issue with your banking institution actually releasing payment?

          • I paid with my credit card, no PayPal. Transaction was authorized with 3D Secure (additional password).

            I don’t believe money is blocked by the carrier, never had this issue.

          • As I said, this I’ve read this happening before; them needing some proof of identity to process payments.

            The matter is, instead of sulking in an hyperbolically offended manner, you should work with the store to resolve this, if you want the tablet.

            …it’s not an issue of regarding Switzerland as a “lawless third-world country”, it’s most likely a payment-security issue.
            …have you at least asked them for explanation, did they provide any for starters?

            Last but not least:

            You’re gaining nothing…just losing in :
            – Buyer-Protection services (6 month coverage)
            – Refunds of shipping costs for returned products (within a year from purchase)
            – Ease of Use and staying away from issues like these.

          • Ok, I didn’t know about the benefits of using PayPal. Good to know for the future. BTW: I was just being sarcastic, because this whole verification process seems to be upside down. They care about me being defrauded (I suppose) but asking me to give away my sensitive data to some random support guy, who won’t even give me his name?

            Anyway, I have told them that the transaction was 3-D secured and that they probably can confirm this at Master Card. Then they released it, the status is now “Shipped out”

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