Month: July 2016

Deals: Cube 20% Off Sale. Core M i7 Stylus For $276 & i7 Book $333

Banggood has a big 20% off sale coupon on their Cube tablets. This deal coupon lowers the price of the Wacom stylus Cube i7 Stylus to just $276 and the Cube i7 Book Core M3 to $333. Other tablets like the iwork8 Ultimate, iwork8 Air, iwork10 Ultimate, and Cube i9 Core M3 also benefit from this 20% off coupon. All you need to do to get the discount is apply coupon B28900 at checkout where the 20% d...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Xiaomi’s New Notebooks.

Xiaomi know for their mobile phones, is now breaking out into notebooks with the Xiaomi Notebook Air. They will be releasing two versions a 12.5″ and 13.3″ both with full backlit keyboards, full HD 1080p screens with edge to edge glass (Fully laminated), type-c and HDMI output. The 12.5″ version is the cheapest model, powered by a Core M3-6Y30 and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. It has a 128GB ...[Read More]

Vido W10 Elite Unboxing And First Impressions

So it’s here, my first Vido tablet. It’s early days, but so far my first impressions are very positive on this one. The spec is very decent. An Atom X7 Z8700, 4GB of 1600mhz dual channel RAM, fully laminated 1920 x 1200 10.1 inch display, Toshiba 128GB eMMC, USB 3.0 Type-C port for 12v 2A quick charging and Intel Wireless AC. It’s also got a type cover, kickstand and stylus suppo...[Read More]

Teclast X98 Plus II Review Online

The X98 Plus II video review is up as well as the pros and cons with a final rating from me. The X98 Plus II loses points due to the poor wifi reception and speeds unless I was almost sitting on my wifi router. The build quality too, I found to be not as good as the X98 Plus or X98 Air III. But this a cheaper X98 Plus and there are some good aspects like the new D/C charging option, correct 1600Mh...[Read More]

Now Shipping. Pipo X10 3:2 Ratio Hybrid Mini PC

I’ve reviewed all the hybrid X series tablet meets mini PC’s from PiPo, and they weren’t at all bad, a mini PC with a touch screen .Which means doing something basic like loading up “Peppa Pig” on YouTube for your kids doesn’t require the use of a mouse or keyboard as it has a touch screen. Well the successor to the 9″ PiPo X9 is the Pipo X10, and this one...[Read More]

Deals: Geatbest 2-in-1 Atom X7 Z8700 & X5 Z8500 Tablet Sale

This week Gearbest has a sale on the more powerful Atom 2-in-1 based tablets, the Vido W10 Elite which I’ve yet to review and the Teclast X16 Power and X16 Pro. The Vido W10 elite has the best spec of the pack with dual wireless AC, Atom X7 Z8700, 1920 x 1200 fully laminated display, 128GB eMMC and a build similar to the Surface 3 with kickstand and all. The 2-in-1 epic convertible tablet sa...[Read More]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus 32GB Remix OS Only Model Up For Pre-Order

The cheapest and single boot Remix OS 2.0 version of the new Chuwi Vi10 Plus is now up for pre-order at Gearbest for $153.74 USD. This version has only 32GB eMMC and 2GB of RAM, but that should still be fine as it’s just running Remix. The Windows 10 / Remix OS 2.0 dual boot version has 4GB of RAM and a 64GB eMMC, but this version has yet to be listed. I expect it will follow soon. The Vi10 ...[Read More]

Cube iwork8 Air Full Video Review – $80 Dual OS Tablet

My in-depth video Cube iwork8 Air review is now online, you may have already seen it on YouTube. The iwork8 Air is an upgraded version of the iwork8 Ultimate, the only change is a new 1920 x 1200 panel, so it will now compete with the Chuwi Hi8 Pro, Teclast X80 Pro and X80 Power the other dual boot 8-inch with 1200p screens. The iwork8 Air for it’s $79 price isn’t bad considering the n...[Read More]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus, A 2-in-1 3:2 Ratio Dual OS Tablet With Remix OS

Update 21st July: The Vi10 Plus is set to be released on the 25th this month (next Monday) with a RRP of $169 for the 2GB/32 eMMC version with Remix only and $239 for the 4GB RAM/64GB Dual OS Windows 10 & Remix model. I’ll do my best to get hold of one for review. Chuwi has a new release coming at end of the month, the Chuwi Vi10 Plus. It’s got a 3:2 ratio 10.8″  1920 x 1280 ...[Read More]

Cube i7 Book Written Review & Rating Now Online

I’ve just finished the full written review on the Cube i7 Book, not a bad two in one tablet at all and possibly one of the best (At least the best with stylus support) The full review can be found here: Cube i7 Book Review. Next up is the iwork8 Air and X98 Plus II, later on, the Voyo vBook V3 Core M3 version that  arrived today for an unboxing and review. The Voyo vBook V3 Core M3 unboxing ...[Read More]

Jumper EZBook 2 Windows 10 Image – Restore EZBook 2 To Factory

Since Jumper hasn’t given us a stock factory Windows 10 image, I’ve created the next best thing that should work. I did a fresh Windows 10 install on my EZBook and it wasn’t as fluid, had driver issues and the screen looked like it wasn’t running full colors only half of them. Plus the most annoying part, the screen made a high pitch noise. I tried all the Intel GFX drivers...[Read More]

Cube i7 Book Internals & Thermal Mod. Lower Temps & Improve Performance

The Cube i7 gets pretty darn hot, opening it up I discovered the lack of a thermal pad on between the heatsink and outer metal rear housing. Odd because the X3 Pro, Cube i7 stylus and Cube i9 have this, which helps transfer heat away from the SoC and through the rear alloy housing. But Cube opted to not do it this time around to keep the outer metal cooler? And odd choice if you ask me. Well, I de...[Read More]

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