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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 Re-Review 4 months On

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 Re-Review 4 months On

For around 4 months I’ve been using the Mi Notebook Air 12.5″ version as my travel and secondary PC hooked up via my PC monitor. So after 4 months are there any serious issues? Build quality still good and holding up? Below is the re-review, it comes just in time as Xiaomi are due to announce a new Xiaomi Mi Notebook version tomorrow. Some claim it’s a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with 4G, possible Kaby Lake CPU and 4k screen, guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

So all-in for the price I think it’s a great notebook that’s holding up well. What I enjoy is the fact it’s light at only 1.1 kilos, thin and the battery lasts for around 6-7 hours if I don’t over do it with the brightness or run10 tabs in Chrome. The build is great very good for the price and the only minor issue is the last 10-20 degrees of the hinge seems to be a little looser than when I first got it.

It is designed to be loose so you can open the lid with one hand, but a little tighter would be nice. The Mi Notebook is now also cheaper than when I first got it. $499 for the Core M3 model (reviewed here) And then $739 for the more powerful 13.3″ Core i5 / Nvidia 940MX version.

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  1. Chris, I’m curious if you have attempted to boot from the secondary drive slot with the samsung ssd? i watched all the videos for this machine but can’t seem to find where you load an OS on the 2nd drive and booted from it.

    • Yes, I did. I’m running the Samsung SSD as the boot drive. Loaded Windows 10 on it. The 128GB SSD is just for storage now.

  2. I ‘d liked to change the battery of my Xiaomi Air 12. Who knows where I can order it (same power or more i.e 10.000 mAh).

  3. Thanks!

  4. hi chris – where did you get that USB C hub from? been trying to find one in that form factor with power delivery, SD card and usb ports….

    Does it have micro-SD port as well?

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