Chuwi Lapbook 12.3

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Chuwi LapBook 12.3 Press Images

Chuwi LapBook 12.3 Press Images

Still no word on the exact release date of the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3, which looks like the most promising Apollo Lake laptop yet. These new press mock-up CGI images on the Gearbest listing, show us the Lapbook 12.3 will feature a small flap for the SSD slot access. No need to remove the whole back like my Jumper EZBook 3 Pro, just one screw.

6GB of LPDDR3 RAM,  Celeron N3450, Wireless AC, 64GB eMMC 5 spec storage. Specs look good, but the best part for me at least is its screen. 12.3-inch 3:2 ratio Surface Pro 4 screen. 267 PPI with a 2736 x 1824 resolution.

Chuwi LapBook 12.3 press images:

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  1. Looks like a M.2 2242 SSD form factor slot. Wish it was a full-sized M.2 SSD slot. Still thinking of going with the Jumper EZBook Pro 3 and just mod the M.2 slot to accommodate full-sized M.2

    By the way, can NVMe M.2 SSDs run on these M.2 slots? tried it?? LOL

  2. Hi,Chris how about the CHUWI LapBook 12.3 price 319.99 usd @ Gearbest, do you think it resonable price.

    • Yes, it’s an okay price, of course, lower is better. But you get the Surface pro 4 screen, full metal build and wireless ac. SSD support too.

  3. The screen’s bezel seems bigger than some of the latest laptops from china?? What do you think Chris?

    • Yes very big looking those bezels, that’s a shame and it also looks a lot thicker than the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

      • Also the weight of the laptop 1.5kg with a 12.3-inch screen.

        • Seems it doesn’t have the 1.4 slim build of the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro. Might just keep it and add a USB wireless AC to get wifi AC. But I’m really after the Lapbook 12.3 for the screen, 6GB and wireless AC…

          • The 12.3 certainly ticks all the boxes, but I don’t think its worth paying the extra $180 over the Ezbook Pro, that’s nearly twice the price.

            • I don’t think so either at this stage until the lapbook 12.3 price lowers.

  4. dear Chuwi : none of these photos say anything about OGS … we know you want to (like with the Hi10Pro) … so, uh, don’t make the same mistake as the Hi12 and Hi13 pleaseeeeeee…cherries on top kthx

    • Hi, I think it will just be the IPS panel, so no glass in front of it liek most laptops, so it should look great. (It’s not touch)

  5. Hi Chris, Do you think Apolo Lake is a good option for a 2K screen?

    • While it’s a great display, It will make it a little slower than the 1080p screens. But I’ve noticed a trend the touch screens seem to make the tablets feel slower than their laptop counterparts. For example, the EzBook 2 feels so much quicker than any of the Z8300 tablets with 1080p screens.

  6. Hi Chris, Lapbook 12 will be 349 usd according to Emily, and Surbook will be 299 usd without keyboard.
    Surbook indiegogo starts next week

    • Great thanks for the news! Bit pricey I feel, I know that screen isn’t as cheap as the 1080p options, but $349…I would rather add about $70 and get the Mi Notebook Air 12. But I’m sure in a few months it will be under $300

      • Hi Chris, where can one get a Mi notebook air 12 for 400 usd, hha. I would like to get one for this price.

        • I saw it on a flash sale on Gearbest I think it was for like $429 or something. But they are limited sales, 20 units or something so you just have to time it right.

  7. I’ve got a feeling it might note be coming in May if all we have are CGI images of the Laptop 12.3 and not the real deal…

  8. Actually weird @chrisg 🙁 No news about Indiegogo campaign neither…

    • Yes, the SurBook campaign has yet to kick off, some delay it seems.

  9. If this can run Linux I might finally pull the trigger. I need a lighter travel device. So far specs look good. No type-C USB though right? That would make it almost perfect.

    • Isn’t confirmed in the specs, but if you look at the left-hand side, I see a type-c port or is it a Kensington lock slot?

      • Chris, lefthand side strangely has a microUSB3.0 port in the one close-up leftside photo, righthand side has an odd sharp-rectangular port (which could be kensington)….but as I’ve learned with Chinese promotional photos, take everything with a grain of salt until its a human-taken photo of the actual device (common example: companies photoshopping the screen bezels to the point where its like finding a rare foil card when someone doesn’t…haha)

        • Yes I always mention that about the photoshopped smaller bezels or slimmer look. I think it might be a lock slot but I doubt it. And that microUSB 3 port, should be a Mini HDMI one! Photoshop error!

      • and I reallllllly wish everybody would just drop the DC port entirely (unless I mean, its particularly popular overseas, but then again, its not like its standardized across brands).

        • On all of the tech lately that dc port has been 3mm, positive on the inner tip and the outside negative. 12Volts 2-3Amps. So in a way it is a standard. I’m able to use my generic charger on all of the recent Apollo lakes, X3 Plus, Lapbook 14.1, EZBook 3, Ezbook 3 Pro, Xiaoma 41 etc and this same plug is working on the Core M3 tech too, the X5 Plus and Cube Thinker i35.

          • I wonder why don’t they all switch over to USB-C completely, guess they are waiting for it to become more widespread, instead of paving the road in front of bigger companies.

            • Well, I have a laptop coming up that only has type-c, but just one port USB 3.1. The Civiltop Air.

  10. Do we have any idea of how much the Lapbook 12.3 will sell for?

    If it’s only slightly more expensive than the Ezbook 3 Pro then it’s probably worth the wait for that beautiful screen

    • Click the GB listing link in the info above & then scroll the GB screen down to show the price.
      Sometimes, GB does reduce the price in a ‘flash’ sale after it becomes available, although there is no way to know when the ‘flash’ sale is going to happen

      • Can’t be that price, it’s more of a placeholder. If the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro sells for around $230 now, it has to be under $300.

        • yes, I agree. I guessed the same when I saw the various low prices for this next round of tech with the Apollo CPU & better ports on the outside.

    • I think it will be around $289 on first launch, it has to be under $300 and later, of course, there will be a sale. But that screen will be a lot more expensive to buy Vs the 1080p screen on the EZBook 3 Pro.

      • Hey Chris, Do you know how to get the m2 ezbook pro from aliexpress for 230usd ?

        I ordered one from gearbest at this price (guessing without m2 slot) 12days ago but GB keep pushing back the shipping date, they just told me to wait an other 10days before dispatch and if still not dispatch in 10days then told me to cancel order…They really don’t give a f*…smh

        Otherwise , surface book panel are expensive (above 200usd only for a lcd spare part) so i really don’t think the chewi will be under 300usd but hey who knows…I hope that i’m wrong and you’re right.

        • That deal was the introduction sale on the EZBook, it was also delayed weeks on end, 3 in total, as a result, I got it in silver and with the M.2 slot. As a way to apologise Jumper just posted out Bluetooth mice to everyone. I think the factory can’t meet the demand or something. The gear best price is decent if you don’t need the SSD

        • Gb refunded mine. “Unfortunately, we are very sorry to inform you that the following item(s) cannot be sold on our website for a long time due to our supplier’s issue.”

          • Oh that’s crap! Take your money elsewhere and order the SSD slot one from Aliexpress then?

  11. Technically, motherboard & screen, it looks identical to the Surbook. And with the same external ports, perhaps.
    So it will be a good indication of how the Surbook will perform.
    Question is, will they both have the M2 slot on the internal board.

    • They will have the slot apparently, I think I read this on the Chuwi forums or it was in the video from the Hong Kong Expo.

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