Deals: MSI GL62M i7 7700HQ + Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB Gaming Laptop for $899

Deals: MSI GL62M i7 7700HQ + Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB Gaming Laptop for $899

Here’s a deal that’s really good for this spec of gaming notebook. The MSI GL62M 7REX-1252CN will be on sale for $899. This is a 15.6″ 1080p IPS gaming laptop with a quad core Intel i7 7700HQ CPU, used in almost all high-level gaming laptops, a very capable 7th Gen 45watt CPU. The GPU is a dedicated Nvidia 1050 TI, based on the latest 14nm Pascal architecture and has 4GB of DDR5 RAM (many versions have only 2GB). The GPU is around 30% faster than the normal Nvidia 1050.

The keyboard is backlit, it has a 1TB HDD. And a spare M.2 slot that can take either NVMe or SATA3 spec 2280 SSD’s.

RAM is 8GB on single DDR4 DIM so this and the lack of SSD are weaker points. However, you can add another 8GB DDR4 SODIMM to get 16GB and dual channel RAM and then your own smaller SSD for the boot drive. As using a spindle drive as a boot drive in 2017 seems crazy, but I think the idea is you install your own SSD.

And it is a gaming laptop, so not the lightest at 2.3 kilos. That’s a good 1 kilos heavy than the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 I reviewed with Nvidia MX150 GPU.

Other specs include a type-C port, HDMI out, SD reader, 41wh battery, mini DisplayPort and 3 USB ports (Two are USB 3.0). And it has 6 copper heat pipes and a cooler for both the GPU and CPU so thermals should be fine.

It’s going to be just $899 tomorrow from the 14th to 20th with the MSI Gearbest promo. That’s $200 cheaper than Newegg and anywhere else I’ve looked that sell it for around $1099 USD.  But after 100 units are gone the price increases.

The shipping is free for me in Spain, coming tax-free. However, there is a catch, the model number: The MSI GL62M 7REX-1252CN – CN stands for China. While it has a US layout the keyboard I’m pretty sure Windows 10 will be in Chinese, but hopefully, I’m wrong. So it will need a new Windows 10 home English install to get past that and the bios embedded Windows 10 will still work so no issues activating as long as you install the same Win 10 version (home).

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  1. still an lacking TN panel (though on gaming laptops it can be a plus at times hence refresh rates /ms, ewne thow angles get set back to last decade.)
    btw techtablets, are there a way to see ones comment in this chat section. (not the mainforum) but these underline-comments.
    It doesnt look like they register in ones profil, or I cant find them??

    • here is an thoorough review, just have in mind that its the old GL62M and the std 1050 2GB version,
      seem to be some upgrades in play.
      TI edition 4GB, backlit, and perhaps also IPS panel, according to specs in MSI site, ewen thow they list 2 vers socalled IPS level and then one wide screen.
      but the old GL62M got hammered mostly for an ridicalus TNpanel, 230 brightness, 470/1 contrast and overall a panel from lovest shelf. with massive PWM 198hz flcikering at below 90% and high MS refresh values. and that sad on a gaming laptop-..

      but the GB model look like numerous factors been upgraded, so difficult to put this review into context GL62M 7RD from feb2017 ..
      but the old GL62M modle does got optimus to take advantage of the lesser, to extend batterytime, but with the lesser 1050 2Gb variant it was delivering 41 minute on full charge under full load.–

      btw why do you write “comming tax free when buying from Spain” EU – as useally EU customs would have a field day with a big laptop comming from China..

      • Yes, quite a different laptop from the one reviewed. I hope it’s not that TN panel. GB says it’s IPS but in the past they have made listing errors. I think this model should still have Optimus GPU switching between the Intel 620 and 1050 TI, even my Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13 has it.

        Oh, why I said tax-free for Spain, is the Spanish Express shipping option it comes via the EU and I don’t have any taxes to pay on it, should have made that clear. But if you use express which is DHL, it will have tax.

    • According to MSI and GB this now looks to have an IPS panel (Hope so) As for the forum and these comments. They are separate from each other sorry. It’s just the way the front end and forum design. Even if the same login works on both you can search the comments. It’s built into the site and seems impossible to change it.

  2. Okay here is the official specs another con, the type-c port is just USB 3.0 type-c. So not 3.1 gen2. It should be thunderbolt really. The wireless is listed as A/B/G/N on gearbest but says it’s wifi ac on the official site.

    • Should be wireless AC. I can’t imagine MSI releasing a gaming laptop with just Wireless N Now. Type-C USB 3.0 kinda pointless, another USB 3.0 would have been better. I guess they cut if from being USB 3.1 spec to keep the costs under $1k?

      • watch the video in the product page and they show the OS… It’s in Chinese so that will need to be fixed at least msi have good drive support.

        • Okay, thanks so it looks like that’s the catch then on why it’s cheaper, Windows 10 Chinese install. But the drivers are all on MSI’s page and should be easy to install Windows 10 home in English.

      • or I wonder if we can just download the MSI GL62m recovery image and restore this to get the factory imagine in English?.

        • I remember from my other MSI gaming laptops that when you first boot it you can make a recovery image. But there seems to be no download for it. Or maybe MSI support could help you with that.

  3. $899 seems good for 7700HQ and 1050 TI. But US layout is kinda of a dealbreaker, no UK layout and who wants a 1TB harddrive as the boot drive ROFL! They should just ditch the 1TB drive and use a 256GB NVMe or SATA3 even. will you review it???? Be a nice change from the Apollo lakes. Will this also be pending VAT on arrival in the UK?

    • 1TB will be slow to boot and load coming from an SSD it will be very noticeable, of course, an SSD would be much better. Even better a PM961 or something NVMe Samsung drive.

      None of the Chinese tech I review or models from China ever have UK layout or anything but US so that’s to be expected. I might review it, but not sure at this point. Maybe if I can sell my Mi Notebook 13 Air and get one.

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