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Teclast T10 Official $210 – Hexacore 2560 x 1600 Android 7 Tablet

Teclast T10 Official $210 – Hexacore 2560 x 1600 Android 7 Tablet

Teclast’s latest tablet the T10 is now official and listed on Taobao.com and is selling for around $210 USD. The tablet is based on a 10.1″ 2560 x 1600 16:10 ratio fully laminated screen with an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating. Something we don’t normally see and it’s the same screen as the Onda V10 Pro I  reviewed so I know it’s a very decent screen. It has a 8100mAh battery, hexacore MTK8176 SoC with 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. That’s the same CPU as the Mi Pad 3. And runs Android 7.0 (Teclast’s first tablet to do so)

The front camera has been given some special attention, a 13MP sensor that should be much better than the typical 2MP one we see and an 8MP rear auto focus sensor. Good to see them focusing on putting a better sensor at the front of the tablet.

The rear is made completely out of metal and also has a fingerprint reader there for added security and easy unlocking. The tablet is a mere 7.5mm thin which isn’t bad at all for a 10.1-inch tablet. Thanks Mathias for the news tip and Taobao link.

Offical website T10

Teclast T10 Press images:


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  1. Waiting also for one of your great reviews on this one chris. Is it just a cost thing that its a hexacore processor and not an octacore?

    • Cost I would say, the SoC would be a little cheaper.

      • Actually, for watever reasons MTK has phone SoCs and tablet SoCs on their website. This hexacore is one of the most powerfull tablet SoCs avaialble. I am also super curious, why tablets, which have bigger batteries, have weaker graphics and processors..

        • I know I would love to see the Helio X25 or X30 in a tablet.

  2. Will be waiting for its review made by you,, Chris

  3. I can’t tell. Is this android or Windows? Looks more android but Google translate didn’t catch either word.

  4. Nice like the 8″ version that is taking dual sim….

    2 major problems. The lte version does not support band 20 and the second problem the cpu is at 40000 in antutu which is too slow.

    I would be happy to my more for a x25 cpu and full band coverage for Europe.

    • I would love to see an Helio X20/X25 tablet. Still, don’t understand why nobody has put one in a tablet yet. Maybe MediaTek will not permit it in tablets or something stupid!

      • does this Teclast sports a GPS and digital compass?

        • GPS is a big YES, compass I think it doesn’t sadly.

          • I’m looking for an Android tablet with a bright and defined screen to use it as a nautic GPS whenever I rent a small sailing boat (which usually don’t have it)
            I just beed decent CPU, bright screen, gps and compass (of course wifi)
            Any suggestions?

  5. I like the look of this one, C. I’m just dreading you revealing a flaw when/if you come to review it. Speakers…?? Hey, I hope the new studio is good.

    • I think it’s safe to say they will be bad. Normally are, well I hope they paid a bit more attention to them like Cube did in the iwork5X. The new studio is coming soon, need to move soon maybe next week. paint the walls white use the same grey tabelt etc. Hopefully no real difference, apart from a bit of a saving in my pocket!

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