Voyo i7 – 15.6″ Core i7 6500U Notebook With Nvidia 940MX

Voyo i7 – 15.6″ Core i7 6500U Notebook With Nvidia 940MX

This one looks interesting, well the last Voyo 2-in-1 the Vbook V3 was a bit of a disaster, their Mini PC’s were okay and then this has just recently been released. A 15.6″ all metal laptop, with a backlit keyboard, Core i7 6500U and Nvidia 940MX dedicated GPU for $589. This is cheaper than the Mi Notebook Air 13 2016 model which has this same spec, called the ultimate version which sells for much more. Now I’m pretty sure the build of the Xiaomi would win, but the spec seems interesting.

The part I like about this is it seems it will have upgradable RAM according to the press info. The hard drive it ships with is a 1TB spindle one, not good for running the OS (Windows 10 Home). But there is also a NVMe slot for SSD upgrades. And it does have a USB Type-C port and a 48Wh battery.

The website shows the price is $733 USD, but with coupon VOYOI7 it drops to a more palatable $589 including shipping. Should I review this one? I know the MX150 in the Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 is much faster (30%) but with this CPU, upgradable RAM and the cheaper price it’s tempting to see if it’s any good.  Some cons I’ve already seen, 1.8 kilos in weight, VGA webcam, single cooling fan and single-channel RAM (Only one SODIMM slot?)

Voyo i7 Specs:

  • 15.6″ 1080P IPS
  • Intel Core i7 6500U (15W 3.1Ghz max boost)
  • 8GB DDR3 SODIMM (Upgradable RAM)
  • USB 3.0 ports x 2, Type-C USB 3.1? (might be USB 3.0 I think)
  • USB 2.0 x 2, SD card reader
  • Backlit keyboard with number pad
  • 48.8Wh  / 13000mAh battery
  • D/C charger
  • Webcam
  • 1.8 kilos

Source: Gearbest new releases

Voyo i7 Notebook press images:

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  1. Can you please review this notebook, as it appears to be a solid one. It seems to have incorporated the earlier complaints on keyboard and plastic-ky body.

    • I’ve ordered one and hope to have it soon for review.

      • Hi Chris,
        how about Odys Winbook 13? Crazy cheap in EU.

        • I wouldn’t call 349 euros crazy cheap. It’s basically like an EZBook 3 Pro but with type-c. And that one can be bought for around 200 euros, now that is crazy cheap.

          • EZBook 3 PRO is around 270EUR after customs and without warranty and without USB-C charging. Odys is 318EUR+shipping from EU with EU warranty and with USB-C PD charging (I have one mobile USB-C PD charger waiting to be used).. So actually very similar price if you take into account all pros and cons.

      • Hello Chris,
        When do you expect to have the review done. I am eagerly waiting forward to your review.

        • Not sure, maybe I might have it next week. It’s with DPD in the UK. Hopefully, I’ll have it soon.

  2. The price of EZBOOK 3 is down to $295 is the thing that hurt the most . I bought it for more than $350 now its very less 🙁 http://shrsl.com/k3dl

  3. Voyo have it listed on their Taobao store, and so far the feedback from buyers has been pretty positive:


    Bangood state it’s IPS, one user review mentions some quality issues. One of the photos shows a decent off axis pic of the display but to the side not from on top.


  4. $589 for an i7 6500U, dedicated GPU, backlit keyboard, full metal body and even upgradability. Sounds too good to be true, I think it will have some massive flaw like a bad screen or it overheats. Still review if you can and you never know it might be good. But beat the Mi Notebook Air 13, only in price!

  5. I took a search on this model taobao, it seems to have option to change harddisk space and ram

  6. Given the Xiaomi range I don’t think there’s a lot of point to reviewing this.

  7. How do you know it’s an IPS screen? To me it looks like TN.

    • Some Aliexpress listings said IPS. Taobao also looks like its IPS in user photos. But it maybe just a listing error and it’s a TN like the EZbook 3 Plus sager…

  8. Well, looks fine, but
    remember Jumper’s Ezbook 3 Pro touchpad desaster til V4 and the last “Plus” display desaster.

    How could they ignore again one component after that touchpad desaster?

    That’s why we are following your channel to avoid all the disappointings you have to go through so many times.

    I’m not believing that they will deliver that announced laptop in any quality that you would recommand. There will be faults, not only one, we can not afford.

    • I agree with Wolf.
      I think they’re using last gen tech to make an apparently impressive specified laptop cheap, but it will be disappointing.
      They didn’t say the screen type. There are lots of crappy 15″ screens around, I know, my work hp zbook has a horrible one in it.
      My advice, wait will they bring out an updated one once they’ve sold out of the old chips, and fixed all the design flaws with this one.

    • It’s true Chris reviews some rubbish so we know what to avoid. so maybe for this reason he should check it out, maybe ask Banggood and Gearbest for a “review unit” if he can get it or a big discount at least.

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