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Teclast F7 Review Rating Now Online

Teclast F7 Review Rating Now Online

My review of the Teclasf F7 has been online for a few days now on YouTube (See it below) and I’ve just finished adding the rating and some more details to the site. It’s only taken about a year, but finally, after all the units I’ve tested we have the best one here from Teclast. The shell and design aren’t new, shared with the EZbook 3L Pro and Tbook4 I reviewed However the screen selection, eMMC, heatsink and other internals are all down to Teclast and what the have come up with is the best Celeron N3450 laptop and under $250 laptop you can get right now. Maybe until the release of the Gemini Lake revised version of this very laptop?

This laptop takes the crown away from the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro, which up until now was the best. It’s still a great laptop that one, but this is just better more refined and with an unlocked bios too. Something Jumper later on decided against and later revisions of the EZbook 3 Pro v5 & v6 introduced SSD issues with some drives and keyboard build quality issues on some units. More info and the rating here: Teclast F7 Review.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. This is a general question about N3450 based laptops. How do they perform as a word processing machine ? running Office and some browsing on the side. Haven’t used a PC with less than 8GB of RAM in a while and want to see if things are usable under these conditions.

    • Well such type of machines are perfect for word processing (office work), browsing, Youtube etc.
      In that case 6 GB RAM is fully OK:

      They only struggle in gaming area.

  2. typo “Teclasf F7”

  3. Now is for $299.99 with coupon TELLPF7001 http://bit.ly/2DGdqJz

  4. OT
    HI Chris, are there any hints about a future Chinese laptop featuring the AMD Ryzen V1000 embedded?

  5. Mine took 3 weeks…

    • 3 weeks damn that is slow I want one asap. But is it as good as Chris says? Not that I don’t trust his review but it seems unheard of for it to not overheat with power limits disabled and it must be damaging the CPU because when with a repaste with artic silver 5 and thermal pad my Hi13 gets up to 89 degrees and very hot on the rear. But a second opinion is good to hear so far I see only glowing reviews of this F7.

      • I think its good, definitely, having been able to compare it to the ezbook 3 pro, its an upgrade. As Chris has said, its as if they have had a 3 pro and looked at how it can be improved. The only negative is the noise Chris and others have reported from the top left when plugged in and fully charged, can only hear it when a few cm from it, otherwise great.

  6. Excellent review, Chris!
    My F7 was definitively shipped before CNY but I cannot get updated tracking results (Hermes DE). Hoping that it will just show up soon…

    • Have you checked http://www.faryaa.com/user/index/package-refer/type/track ?

      I ordered mine on february 2 and it should arrive via Hermes DE today:

      2018-02-22 09:08:00 The Parcel is out for delivery today

      2018-02-22 00:00:13 The parcel has been received at the Hermes depot Köln

      2018-02-20 22:56:12 The parcel has been sorted at a Hermes Logistic Hub.

      2018-02-10 09:16:08 The parcel has not yet arrived at the Hermes depot Köln

      2018-02-10 00:00:00 Parcel is in clearance.

      2018-02-09 13:01:00 Parcel arrived at the airport.

      2018-02-07 07:48:00 Departed Hongkong Sorting Centre.

      2018-02-03 05:16:20 The parcel has been announced electronically to Hermes.

      2018-02-03 00:00:00 Sent to HongKong Sorting Centre.

      2018-02-03 00:00:00 Arrived at Hongkong Sorting Centre.

      • Yes, thanks, but it just states “The parcel has not yet arrived at the Hermes depot München-Nord”.
        Mine was shipped on 2018-02-07.

        • Mine arrived yesterday, it is an excellent notebook!
          Screen protector: 2 layers. I pealed off the first layer and left the second on (glossy).
          SSD: installed Transcend MTS400 (128GB) without problem. Cloned eMMC and switched boot order. Now the F7 is really fast.
          Thanks again, Chris!

          • When you look at the edge of the glossy screen protector, can you see the real screen in some places, is it matt or gloss, mine looks matt. Don’t want to peel it to check, as it will cause bubbles!

          • Great you got your one and it sounds as if you have the matte screen under that protector, not like my one. Once you run on it on an SSD the overall system performance and boot times really improve. Enjoy the F7!

          • Got my F7 Friday, also with screen protector.
            Now ordered the Transcend MTS400 128 GB to speed it up even so its fas enough for my wife.
            But she needs a little extra space.

            Is the clone program included with the SSD?

  7. Chinese new Year, 2-3 weeks nothing moves.

    • Yes always the way, now I have many items stuck up in their new years that didn’t make it out in time at least tracking results haven’t updated. DJI OSMO 2 gimbal, Cube KNote 8, Voyo i8 Max & DaySky D N3450 laptop with 940MX GPU. All coming snail mail but never left China so going to be a long wait.

  8. Ordered mine from Gearbest nearly two weeks ago and still waiting for dispatch, so assume must be popular or teclast have some supply issues.

    • Chinese new year is to blame, nothing moves now for a few weeks. But I also heard from somewhere here in the forum that Gearbest said they are now waiting for stock from the supplier once they open again after Spring festival/Chinese New Year. So it’s going to be a bit of a wait. I also have another ordered that hasn’t shipped.

      • I ordered mine on febrary 8.
        Gearbest said me are out of stock and arrive stock in 1 – 5 if march

        • Out of stock, oh well I’m eyeing up the EZBook 3L Pro. It now has an IPS, the same laptop but with 6W TDP set and locked bios…. Not sure to wait or get it.

      • Thanks, never thought about CNY!

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