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Voyo’s i8 Max The First Helio X20 10 Core Tablet With 4G

Voyo’s i8 Max The First Helio X20 10 Core Tablet With 4G

I’ll have one of these this week for review, the Voyo i8 max, it’s a budget Helio X20 tablet. That’s MediaTek’s 10 core chipset paired up with Mali T880 graphics know also as the MTK6797. It’s a nice step up in performance over the typical MTK8176 or MTK8173 quad and hexacore chipsets. And the good part is it has a 4G modem and dual sim try like the Chuwi Hi9 Air that is a more premium offering with this chipset. However the LTE bands are quite limited, Bands B1 B3 B7. Lucky for me my carrier uses LTE Band 7 so I should have 4G.

This Voyo i8 Max has a mostly plastic build, but the kickstand is metal and it can recline all the back 180 degrees, it run Android 7.1, has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC 4.5.1 type storage. For connectivity, we have wireless AC, BT 4.0 and micro USB 2.0 for data and charging. It could even be used as a GPS unit as it does have a GPS module, not sure on hardware compass support.


It even supports an option 1024 level pressure sensitive stylus and a Bluetooth keyboard. But the keyboard doesn’t look great, it doesn’t have proper keys, but those soft touch style ones that give bad feedback. I’ll certainly not be getting that keyboard but use my own Logitech BT travel keyboard.

It’s $209 USD over at Banggood.

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  1. Also waiting for this review. I’m between this one and the Alldocube X1. I will be more leading towards the I8 Max if it will be integrated USB C. Just I don’t want to still buy products in 2018 that doesn’t have USB type C. But I may buy it if the review shows to be better performance than the Alldocube X1.

  2. I am also in search for a new tablet i am between the voyo i8 max and the chuwi hi9 air which one you guys recommend me to purchase any help will be great.
    The only difference i see is the screen resolution and the battery in chuwi hi9 air.

  3. Does this come with Google Play? Bangood says yes. If not, is it easy to install?

  4. I need this review, I may have impulsively bought this from banggood a few days ago and I’d love a professional opinion on it.

  5. I can’t wait for the review of this one. I need a 10″ Android tablet that is no more than $200, or abouts. Was looking at the Lenovo brand, but I will wait on this review. Thanks

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