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EZBook X4 – Fixing Thermals, Increasing FPS & Unlocking The Power Limit

EZBook X4 – Fixing Thermals, Increasing FPS & Unlocking The Power Limit

If you’ve seen my Jumper EZBook X4 review the thermals were not good on my unit, 93 degrees C when gaming. Too high! Now, of course, this could just be my unit. Like whenever I have a problem that other reviewers never seem to mention, it’s a faulty unit… Or my fault. But I discovered that the factory copper heatsink wasn’t sitting flush onto of the Celeron N4100 applying enough pressure so an assembly line issue. So to the rescue with my thermal mods. No copper shim needed this time, not with that large size of the stock copper heatsink.

A simple repaste using your favourite thermal paste and method with a 2mm thermal pad on top is all that’s required to drop temperatures a good 20 degrees C. TDP was the default 9W. This, of course, gave me room to completely unlock the power limits. And as you’ll see in the below video dramatically boosts FPS in older titles and almost makes Project Cars playable going from 5 FPS to 20FPS. But watch those temps. The EZBook X4 can be found for $299 here. And if you missed it the EZBook X4 review is here and the rating will be added to the site asap.

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  1. Hi Chris!

    Nice job on the review and the thermal mod. I only did the repasteing and some bending (it was throttling like hell), but this was more than enough for me, tried the power unlimiting, but it is not necessary for me.
    Only question I have so far regarding this thing is the ssd, because I want to expand it in the near future to around 500gb or so. I see, that it supports up to 2280 size (finally), but will it support the nvme ssd-s, or we are stuck at sata, or anyways, what m.2 key type has the motheroard (forget to watch it when I disassembled it)? Or in this particular case, brand/type of ssd-s are you recommend for these laptops? I have failed to obtain this information so far.

  2. Hi Chris really great job and review, keep going..
    Please can you tell me where i can find an extra 4gb rom to add and how easy is to install it maybe a guide from you??

  3. Hi Chris
    it would be nice if could re-edit your modds how-to in a
    cooking recipe style
    with an easy chart showing ingredients, needed tools, specs, approx time required, difficulty

    • Well it’s hard at all to do. Thermal pad 2mm on the top, done really. Or if you want also repaste it.

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