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Videos Of Teclast’s F5 In Action

Videos Of Teclast’s F5 In Action

Teclast posted today a promo video of the new Teclast F5, an 11.6″ fully laminated touch laptop with a 360-degree hinge. It’s also the first Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptop to be paired up with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and not the 4GB have seen up until now. The laptop also supports the same pressure sensitive stylus as the Teclast F6 Pro. The F5 is just over 1 kilo in weight and only 13mm thin. It has a 128GB SSD and runs Windows 10 Home.

The F5 is basically a smaller version of the F6, but with a better screen. It’s currently $369 on pre-order shipping out on the 14th. I’ll be reviewing this one, so look for my hands-on video this month.

And retailer Gearbest also posted their own quick hands-on promo video of the actual laptop, not Teclast’s CGI of it. So what do you think? I like the size and weight of it, the touch screen and the fact it’s fully laminated. But no full-sized USB ports! Only type-c, so an adaptor is going to be required to access your USB pen drivers and use any USB peripherals. If only it had a USB 3.0 port.

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  1. Is the keyboard backlit? Is it glass touchpad?

    I would like to know what they mean by “quick charge” (USB PD? Qualcomm?). Chris, if you have USB-C power monitor could you check what it does?

  2. Looks good for the price, lets hope they get it right.
    I’d be happy with 12″ or 12.5″ laminated screen and 256Gb SSD, backlit keyboard, not worried about 360 degree touchscreen. I do think 1 type ‘c’ and one standard USB is needed or 2 type ‘c’. It has micro USB, is that for charging?

  3. I’m definitely buying this one. Secs are great!

    • They all seem great in the beginning under issues start rearing their ugly heads

    • Agreed good specs for the price. Just preordered one now. Also 8gb ram will really make this a bit more smoother in day to day operations compared to 4gb of ram.

  4. The thing i do not like about this one is the big Teclast branding below the screen.

    • yes I would have liked that plain black too. Black tape or sticker over it?

  5. 1 kilo… that could be very cool if the battery life is still decent.

    • Yes portable small laptop with touch and 8GB of RAM. It has a 31Wh battery I think it is so about 6 hours is my guess with the N4100.

    • I don’t think USB-C only is a big deal. The adapters are cheap, no?
      I think it’s bad if there is only one, because if it fails or wears out, you are SOL.
      Also, if the bluetooth works well, you can use that for simple stuff like mouse, keyboard, and perhaps audio?
      High BT usage hits the CPU? I’ve noticed mouse can be laggy with some.

      • @chris, btw if possible in your video reviews you should test out some of these peripherals especially a good external monitor with the HDMI or mini-HDMI on these devices.

        • sorry too many posts… Basically image quality into a big monitor must be at least as important as a stylus/pen to people, no? Or is is assumed and true that HDMI works well 99% of the time and never any differences?

        • I do test HDMI on all devices, but only to see it works. The image output is the same if it’s HDMI 2.0 like the EZBook X4 it will be up to 4k 60hz. If not limited to 4k 30hz. The output quality is the same, it works or it doesn’t. So I normally comment on the output and if it didn’t work like the Tbook (Apollo Lake) I reviewed then mention it. A dead HDMI out port.

      • For many like myself it’s a big deal because I use USB connected to my phone, USB for an external mouse or my USB pen drivers to boot Linux etc. High BT use tends to hit the CPU on the older gen chips.

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