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Deals: Teclast X6 Pro $469 & Mi Notebook Air 13 $789

Deals: Teclast X6 Pro $469 & Mi Notebook Air 13 $789

The new Teclast tablet the X6 Pro with a 12.6″ fully laminatedĀ 2880 x 1920 screen is on flash sale for $469.99. This 2-in-1 tablet has a kickstand, stylus support, 8GB of RAM with a 256GB SSD and is powered by a 7th Gen Core-M3-7Y30. I’m hopeful that I’ll have mine early next year to review as this one does look good. The flash sale is here limited to only 50 units. The keyboard isn’t included (Never is)

And the most powerful 13″ version of the Mi Notebook Air with Nvidia MX150 and Core i5 8250U is $789.99 down from $829 with coupon GB$XMLAPAIR01 here. This latest 13″ model has the new dark keys, the dark grey paint job and a boost in power thansk to the 8th gen CPU and dedicated Nvidia GPU. For those looking for a smaller powerful model this one is decent, but make sure you catch my review below for all the Pros & Cons.

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  1. Is there anyone who received his Teclast X6 pro?
    because I ordered on November 21st at gearbest and the tablet has still not been shipped.
    I wonder if it will be shipped someday and if this tablet is still produced.
    Is the processor shortage the cause of such a delay or is it because I did not pay enough (430) and gearbest does not want to deliver it to me anymore?
    Thank you in advance for your advice

  2. Bought the Teclast X6 Pro and it has a mayor flaw with the stylus (already seen the same issue with the F6 in a video on techtablets, but now it has gotten worse).
    See this video to get an impression: https://youtu.be/jGOA0HokIiA

    – screen
    – processor speed is allright but with heavy applications like photoshop, lightroom it stucks a bit
    – overall built quality
    less good:
    – battery life is poor (4 hours)
    – keyboard is a bit floppy but magnets work great
    – Soundquality is horrific
    – camera (front en back) are both bad

    – stylus is unusable.

  3. I was looking at this but in the end, decided to go with a refurb Dell 5290 2in1 which is a surface pro clone from dell and has a quad core i5 and 8gb of ram. New they are over $1000 but you can get refurbished one off of Amazon for around $590

    • about the Dell
      at 590$ you only get the tablet
      the keyboard I guess is muck more expensive
      the pen you can eventually find 3rd part products

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