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AliExpress Sale: Lapbook Pro $299 & 8750H Mini PC $390

AliExpress Sale: Lapbook Pro $299 & 8750H Mini PC $390

It’s on today and for 4 days more the 9th-anniversary Aliexpress sale. There are quite a few products with some great discounts, for example, the new Chuwi Lapbook Pro. This one is like the Lapbook SE, but 14.1″ screen with slimmer bezels and type-c for charging and data.It’s only been listed recently as a new arrival from Chuwi and it seems to only be available for now from Aliexpress, the listed price was over $400, but now it’s a more reasonable $299. It has the same 4GB of RAM, Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 and a 64GB eMMC 5.1, but does support SATA3 22×80 M.2 SSD’s.

The battery is 38Wh so it should last for 8 hours, maybe even more like the Lapbook SE. The keyboard is also backlit. It’s hard to say if it’s better than the Lapbook SE without testing it. But I think the screen will give it a more modern look with those slimmer bezels and for those that want to use an external Type-C PD power bank then it’s the clear choice over the Lapbook SE.

Then the Core i7 and Core i9 mini-pcs I reviewed only recently, they are down from around $411 USD to now $390 for the barebones Core i7 8750H model A fantastic Mini PC for the price but of course, you do need to factor in some SO-DIMM RAM and SSD to get up and running. But with a nice undervolt, the 8750H can really perform well hitting close to1200Cb in Cinebench R15. And the fan noise in this Mini PC is great you only hear it when under full load and then it disappears quickly. So today it’s $100 cheaper so a really good saving.

There is plenty more on sale, Xiaomi phones, laptops and other items like the Roborock S50 vacuum on sale so make sure you check it out: Aliexpress 9th anniversary sale. If you find any good deals please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have already ordered the i7 version, should be in my hands on Monday.
    But even the i5 is great for the prices.

    • How much did you pay in the end?

      • Fort taxes, I’ll find out on Monday.

        • Thanks, please update us on how it runs any issues etc I’m really interested to know if maybe it might be a good replacement for my dated PC and I don’t game.

  2. Anyone seen this bad boy?

    Flagship specs everywhere except the processor (MTK Helio P70), including the new Sony 48 mp camera, only $275. There is a cheaper one for $199 flat with the samsung 48mp camera and a weaker processor, but both have a 5,000 mah battery. Amazing.

    • The hardware looks fine, the build and screen is good. I had a play with one at MWC but it was a working prototype. The camera was terrible, viewfinder lag and even if it had the IMX586 sensor it was so poorly optimised you couldn’t tell. I would rather get the Redmi Note 7 global version Better around phone.

  3. Hey Chris, the Core i7 8750H model seems to start at $448 here on the link you provided.

    • If the 8750H Mini PC was $312 it’d already be on its way to me 😉

      • Turns out it was the i5 version and now they have also changed the prices.

    • Sorry, it was the i5 version!

      • It’s not your fault. A number of the listings site one specific processor in the description and then the cheapest configuration’s price. I see a 8750H listing for $235.96 and a 8950K with 32GB RAM for $307.40… Way too good to be true

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