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Deals: Teclast T30 4G Android 9.0 $199 Launch Price

Deals: Teclast T30 4G Android 9.0 $199 Launch Price

Teclast’s launched now their new flagship tablet. The Teclast T30, this is a 10.1″ Android 9.0 4G dual SIM tablet powered by the MediaTek P70, which is a nice step up over the older Helio X27 chipset. The T30 has 4GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC, MicroSD support, and an 8000mAh battery. Compared with previous generations the biggest gains are to be found are the GPU of the Helio P series, the Tecalst T20 has a much weaker Mali-T880 GPU and the 10 cores. But the P70 uses a more capable Mali-G72 MP3 GPU and CPU 8 cores so gaming will be so much smoother around 40% faster. Demanding games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Shadowgun Legends will be smooth on low settings.

For a limited time, it’s $199.99 down from the pre-order $229 price with coupon GBTDT30SF and comes with a free protective case. It’s due to ship around the 8th of October when the Chinese are back from their national holiday. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one as it looks promising.

Teclast also posted a promo video today of it (below) I can see the build and housing don’t look as good as the older T10 and T20. But the screen is at least fully laminated, 1920 x 1200. Which is a step down from 2560 x 1600, but means it will be much smoother in the UI and gaming as mentioned. Like the Chuwi Hi9 Plus, it also supports a pogo pin type-cover keyboard. But the keyboard doesn’t seem to be listed yet?

Source: Gearbest Teclast T30 listing.


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  1. Hello Chris, how are you?
    This tablet really got my attention mainly for the value for money. I am on the market looking for a tablet mostly for media consumption (YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming apps). So I don’t need much, I think around 200€ or 250€ I can already buy a good tablet. Important factors : screen with very low brightness (smth like xiaomi), a decent battery and a soc able to do the basics. This one is atm at 183, I know you haven’t tried it yet but, from your experience with teclast, mediatek etc, do you think it’s a good option? Perhaps I could wait for your full review and then decide but I’m afraid the price might go a lot higher than it is atm.
    thanks in advance. BTW, love your channel, keep up the amazing work!

  2. Hi Chris, as far as you know: Is Teclast getting anybetter as far as Android updates/upgrades are concerned?

    • No, they are good at minor updates for bug fixes etc. But major Android updates and the security updates normally you never get them. So this I think would be running Android 9 and never see Android 10.

  3. Some hope it may one day run Linux as another of same SoC does…

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