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Teclast T30 Review Video Now Online

Teclast T30 Review Video Now Online

I know I’ve been busy with mobiles, but over the last week I’ve been using the Teclast T30, the first Helio P70 tablet I believe and finally they have moved away from the slower, often choppy Helio X20 series chipset. The boost is mostly GPU performance so this one games so much better than the older T20 model and the MTK8176 powered Teclast T10. And the battery life is really solid, you can get over 11 hours on this tablet, even more if just watching videos.

Overall this tablet is a step up over the previous models, but the common one. Lack of Widevine Level 1 cert remains. Even Xiaomi doesn’t have it with the MiPad 4. So Netflix users and Amazon Prime video will be just standard definition. The screen is a step down over the T20, but the lower 1920 x 1200 resolution does aid performance. The Teclast T30 is $189 on sale over at Gearbest.com here.


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  1. Also, out of the box my T20 had some pretty yucky colors esp when watching YouTube. I had to go to the Miravision or whatever display setting, put everything on manual, disable everything, then back on auto. Finally, the colors appeared right. On a whole Teclast isn’t a bad brand. Maybe they have no control over the components they were using…

  2. My T20 touchscreen stopped working. But once I plugged in a wired USB mouse, it became usable again.

  3. Gotta say i value those complaints.. I am quite close to buying a teclast tablet but with those responses.. Yeah im gonna have to skip…

  4. I have bought 3 tablets from them: one T10 and two X98 Air III. They all died under 14 months. So I learned it the hard way.

  5. My Teclast T10 died in under a year and Teclast will do nothing about it. Stay far far away from them. I will never buy a product from them again and will encourage anyone I come across to do the same.

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