Hands-On With The BMAX X14 – A 14″ EZbook X3 Pro

Hands-On With The BMAX X14 – A 14″ EZbook X3 Pro

The BMAX X14 is here and just as expected it’s really a slightly bigger Jumper EZBook X3 Pro that I reviewed. They are clearly from the same ODM with some very minor differences, firstly the rear Transformers style BMAX logo is there on the lid with backlit eyes. (Can’t say I’m a huge fan of this I prefer no logo!)

The power button is square and not round like the EZbook X3 Pro and the camera location is below the screen looking up your nose almost. The screen is, of course, a little bigger 14.1″ Vs 13.3″ it is definitely NOT a touchscreen, don’t believe those fake reviews fake someone writes based on stock photos and specs.

Below are a few shots you’ll see the similarities to the EZbook X3 Pro. This BMAX X14 is selling for $349 at Banggood where I bought this one. It’s now $309 with coupon: BGBXL1IL here:

The rest seems exactly the same, two-stage backlit keyboard it’s a very good one to type on and the touchpad is large and not bad at all. Full metal build, metal palm rest and not plastic. The Type-C port is full spec, 4k60hz output like the EZbook X4 Pro using a type-c to HDMI 2.0 cable. Power delivery support and data.

Key specs:

  • 14.1″ 1920 x 1080 IPS glass-covered non laminated
  • Celeron N4100 (2.4ghz 4 cores)
  • 8GB DDR4 2133mhz dual-channel
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 3.5mm, MicroSD, USB 3.0 Type-C (Full spec)
  • 38Wh battery (7-8 hours)
  • backlit full-sized keyboard
  • HD webcam
  • Unlocked bios

Like the EZbook X3 Pro, the bios is fully unlocked so we can set higher power limits. Thermals so far seem great it’s hard to get it over 70 degrees C even gaming. The screen looks to be similar to the EZbook X3 Pro too maybe a bit brighter. So if you’re interested in a laptop with a full spec Type-C, DDR4 8GB and Celeron N4100. But also with a Type-A USB 3.0 port it’s either this or the EZBook 3 Pro. If the EZbook X3 Pro is cheaper I say go for that one.

Full screen specs, brightness, and colour gamut will be in the review.

Pros so far (unlikely to change in final review):

  • Unlocked bios
  • Full metal build
  • Great backlit keyboard
  • Good touchpad
  • 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz in dual channel
  • 38Wh battery (7-8 hours light use)
  • Full spec type-c but also a type-A USB 3.0
  • Clean 3.5mm audio out


  • Speakers could be louder (But do sound better than other Chinese N4100 laptops)
  • Webcam location is bad, and quality is poor choppy and dark.
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  1. (New user here, can’t post in the forums, just checking if adding a comment somewhere first will fix this. Please disregard.)

  2. I dont get how can a non touch device be non-laminated, wouldn’t it be better to not have the glass layer on top in the first place ?

    • Yes would have been better with no glass and a matte screen!

  3. Yes as good as it is (typing on it now) I miss the touchscreen too much to move away from it. And unlike some I even use the Y13 as a large tablet for movies etc. The screen is also better on the Y13, brighter and fully laminated.

  4. Thanks Chris. BMAX has delivered another winner with this one. I really like it, especially the screen and typing experience. That said, the Y13 remains my daily buddy.

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