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BMAX S15 – 15.6″ 8GB Gemini Lake Laptop $269.99

BMAX S15 – 15.6″ 8GB Gemini Lake Laptop $269.99

BMAX is one of the new brands I’m keeping an eye on and this is another late Gemini Lake release from them. The BMAX S15 is a larger 15.6″ laptop with a Celeron N4100 quad-core, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB N.2 2280 SSD and runs Windows 10 home. The screen looks like it might be a matte coated 1080p IPS. But I can’t confirm this from the info provided, it could well be glass-covered like the BMAX X14. I hope not!

The laptop has a full-sized edge to edge keyboard, huge touchpad and looks fairly good in dark grey. Your standard BT 5.0, Wireless AC, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, Mini HDMI 2.0 output and MicroSD reader. But it’s lacking a full spec Type-C port as seen on the BMAX X14 and Y13. The battery is again common, 38WH which is a shame considering they would have the room with a large 15.6″ laptop to give us over 50Wh which would mean 10 hours or over run time. But if it’s like the Teclast F15 it should run for 8 hours+.

The BMAX S15 is 1.8 kilos and 20mm thick. So not the slimmest or lightest, but it is 15.6-inches. Banggod has it listed for $299 currently $269.99 with free shipping if you use coupon BGBMXS15 (Thanks Inhalt). I’m not sure I’ll review this one, kinda done with Gemini Lake laptops but if you do want to see it covered please let me know. I might be able to get one sent to me from a retailer since it’s not super expensive.

Edit: Now we found a good coupon for it the $269.99 price is very decent. If it has a matte screen, great keyboard, and touchpad for light computing and you can live without Type-C it might be a good laptop. I will have to get one to find out.

BMAX S15 press info & images:

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  1. Hi Everyone.
    I am looking at buying the S15, however I have noticed on Aliexpress they also sell a X15. Which upon comparing the two, it appears the page description, images and specifications are identical (I am not sure if this is an error on their end)
    Would anyone know which is better, the Bmax S15 or X15?
    Or for around the similar price (EUR240/USD280), which other 15” laptop’s may be comparable or better? I will only be using it for basic web browsing, MS Word, Excel etc.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    Did you order it? No body else has done a review on youtube or any other site.

    • Hi, yes I ordered one it shipped a while back so I should have it in about 10-12 days to review. I also have the Teclast F6 Plus due next week.

  3. i bought one at 190 euros. I dont know when i will have it in my hands and i dont know if i will keep it.
    Too big for what i want. But for that specs i think 190 euros is a steal….

  4. @Chris your year end vid said the 13″ was your fav. That still true or you prefer this 15″?

    • I think it will be more the Teclast F6 Pro and BMAX Y13 for the top Gemini Lake. This laptop is missing full spec type-C the others have but then again it was selling for super cheap for 179 and then 190 euros.

  5. Yes, I managed to get one at 179€. Posted the coupon as soon as I checked it was working… There was no message saying it could only be used 4 times though. I actually tried to buy a second one but it could only be used once per account.

  6. Absolute bargain: 179€ with coupon BGBXS15P01. Hurry up!!!

    • “This coupon can only be used 4 times” Oh well. Did you get one? Crazy good price!

  7. Peppermint is a customized version of Lubuntu (Ubuntu with LXDE desktop) so it’s light/fast. Dunno how much faster it might be over say Manjaro XFCE or Mint Mate as those two are supposedly also relatively light weight. Someone would have to do some bechmarking/tests.

    • Okay thanks for the info. When I have some spare time I will download the ISO and test it out.

  8. Yeah I know. that’s why I said use a hot-melt glue gun for easy way to install. Finding the right size is of course the key. But there are so many out there these days. Peppermint is just a tweaked version of Ubuntu, the same as Mint is. But it’s designed for speed and old/weak computers – even still supporting 32bit systems.

  9. I think for this and weaker CPUs and older computers the better Linux distro’s to use are `Lubuntu` and `PeppermintOS`.

    • LinuxMint runs really well on the N4100 especially with 8GB RAM. Is Peppermint even more lightweight you think?

  10. @chris perhaps you can do a battery mod on this similar to your heatsink mod vids. I gotta think it’s easy to find lowish cost bigger batteries that could be swapped in via hot-melt glue? Also, I’d be interested in this device as possible good Linux machine if that big touchpad works OK with LinuxMint or PeppermintOS. Peppermint is another Linux flavor optimized as light/fast distro >>

    • These batteries are normally in a plastic frame and screwed in place, the issue with doing a mod is finding the correct size and a good quality battery.

      Peppermint OS? I’ll have to check that one out.

  11. Only 128 GB SSD!!

  12. Yesterday was with introductory coupon for 180 €! I just missed it, they were only about 4 pieces at the price … 😒

    • Oh wow 180 euros is a good price. Now it’s $269.99 with coupon BGBMXS15 for $30 off

  13. 244€ with coupon BGBMXS15

  14. Please review, the price is not bad for a 15 inch laptop. Battery is a bit disappointing though, the is not reason why they are not putting a bigger battery..I guess it’s part of keeping the price down.

    • Yes, it would be to keep it cheap, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe the F6 Plus and this will be the last Gemini Lake laptops before I go crazy reviewing so many trying to find the best. So far the BMAX Y13 is still the one to bet!

  15. Please review this laptop! 15.6″ 8GB ram for $299 is a great price. Hope the actual bezel is gonna look like the rendering.

    • Oh it’s now $269.99 I’ll see if I can get one to review with a discount or maybe buy it.

  16. I am beginning to suspect that the whole of china only produces 37-38 Wh battery……

    • it would seem so, they are normally two 5000mAh cells. If they could just now add a 3rd 5000mah cell it would be great and this laptop would have had room for it!

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