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Hands-On With The Teclast M16 4G Dual SIM Tablet (update)

Hands-On With The Teclast M16 4G Dual SIM Tablet (update)

Update: Two days now almost of using the M16, it feels like one of the faster Helio X27 tablets. The ROM seems a lot smoother than others I’ve reviewed like the Teclast M30 it’s definitely quicker. I’m typing this on the keyboard and It’s actually not bad, abetter typing experience than my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s cramped 10.5″ keyboard.

Battery life update:

Battery life now, on the second full cycle and it’s looking like less than the M30 may be due to the increased performance, Teclast opted here to run the cores with a more performance CPU governor which means it’s smoother but I’m getting around 6-7 hours only on data mostly. The tablet using type-C to charge it fully charged in just under 2 hours which isn’t bad using a PD charger I have.

Screen and touch response:

I’ve noticed that the screen touch response is definitely better than the last Helio X27 tablets, but the screen could be brighter. I will measure it soon in my full video review.

Just when I thought I was done with Helio powered tablets. But A lot of you wanted to see a review of this slim bezel tablet. But as I suspected with this one, it’s, unfortunately, a common practice among the Chinese brands this tablets bezels are indeed photoshopped to look much smaller than they really are. Not super slim as the press images would have us believe. Just look at the below real image Vs the first press images. Shame on Teclast for misleading buyers with shady practices such as this!

The Teclast M16:

The Teclast M16 is a budget tablet with an 11.6″ IPS 16:9 ratio 1920 x 1080 screen that’s not fully laminated but has a small under 1mm gap between the glass and screen. The front camera is 2MP, rear 8MP. A metal unibody, with type-C for data plus optional charging, 3.5mm jack d/c in charging and HDMI Output. (Finally!)

Powered by the Helio X27, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC4.5 storage it’s a step down in performance over the Helio P70 in the new Teclast P70. I would get the Teclast T30 over this tablet for the better-laminated screen and Helio P70. The M16 also only runs Android 8.0 and not Android 9.0 the security patch level is from September 2018! It’s also selling for $199.99 with the keyboard so more than even the Teclast T30 which makes no sense as this has the inferior chipset.

The tablet’s build is decent, no flex and well put together and it comes with the M16 keyboard that doubles as a stand for the tablet plus its cover. So far I like this keyboard, not a bad layout, key travel and the material used is soft, but an absolute dust magnet.

What I do like:

  • Includes the keyboard type cover
  • The keyboard isn’t too bad
  • Speakers are loud for once (but distort)
  • Build is good
  • Type-C charging support and HDMI output
  • Dual SIM LTE Band 20 support
  • MicroSD support
  • FM Radio and GPS
  • Battery life looks good. 8-9 hours plus light loads

What I don’t like

  • No widevine level 1 support (Netflix is stuck in SD)
  • Screen bezels are nothing like the press images!
  • Helio X27 feels slow at times
  • Games are a bit laggy/choppy due to weak Mali-T880 MP4 GPU
  • Android 8.0
  • Screen doesn’t seem that bright (will measure in the full review WIP)

Teclast M16 images:


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  1. Just got my m16, is this for real the best picture quality they have for Netflix??? My iPad from 2012 has a much better quality.
    Is there something that can be done about this ?

  2. Hey, Thanks for your helpful reviews. I ordered this M16 of banggood and received a day ago. I’m having one problem with it and not sure if some setting change would fix it or it’s a software bug. When i try using it, It keeps popping down the notification bar at random and quite frequently. sometimes even the touchscreen clicks randomly anywhere. I don’t know why it’s doing it. I tried turning mobile data on/off and bluetooth on off. I’ve tried inserting sim cards and even factory reset, but nothing works. I’ve read that the screen protector can do it but I don’t think that’s the casw as it mainly does it when I’m using it and not often when it’s idling. It’s quite annoying as it’s very frequent and when I use video call, it keeps giving du-du sound and keeps sliding in the call buttons. Same thing while playing videos and youtube. Please let me know if you have came around this type of problem before. Appreciate your help. Thanks Dave

    • Hi Dave, this issue you describe is random touches or ghost touches people call it. I’m afraid it’s a faulty touchscreen digitizer causing this. It could be the screen protector triggering the touchpoints but I doubt it sounds to me like it is faulty. Get in touch with Banggood for a solution.

  3. Hi everyone. Like to buy a tablet for office use and multitabs of chrome with a good price.
    #Used to compare mipad4, teclast t30, teclast m16.
    Or any new recommendations?
    Thanks a lot.
    Thumbs up for tech tablets.

    • Teclast T30 for me or the Mi Pad 10. Helio X27 is too laggy for gaming. But okay in Chrome and other apps like Youtube

  4. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 . Not need for this tablet, but for me, this charger charging my M16 tablet at the moment. I think the stock charger faulty, or the software battery managment poor.

    • The battery is miscalibrated. Full discharge and charge it 3-4 times to get the battery calibrated worked for me. Normally we don’t have to do this!

  5. what is a qc3 charger? Looks like poor QA. Sadly too normal for these off-brand chinese devices.

  6. Ok, the battery stuck on 71%. So I changed the usb adapter to qc3 charger and voila!!! , the battery start charging on 2%. So the battery management not working properly. Show you the battery is charged (71%) , but really its full empty. Now working properly, turn on without charging cable.

    • My battery was running on 1% for 20 minutes so it’s definitely no calibrated. It took 4 battery cycles now for me to get 8 1/2 hours and now looks like I can get 9-10 hours light use (mostly wifi)

  7. My Teclast M16 looks like faulty. Not power up, when push the power button. If plug the usb- c charging cable in, after power up with power button. And bonus , no charging. Only 7 days old tablet.

  8. For browsing, reading and multitasking(mail and web), wifi and bluetooth are they ok?? thank you!
    BG823ebc – PROMO code (CоupоnsFrоmChina.cоm) (179.99 dоllars)

    • Hi, yes for light stuff like that it’s okay. Just not good for gaming, the Teclast T30 is better, faster chipset!

  9. Does the T30 have locked down BIOS?

  10. Is the BIOS pretty open or locked down? You know where I’m going, as usual 😉
    Always on the lookout for tablets that might be able to run Linux.

    • No sadly locked out as per usual with the tablets. It would be nice to boot Linux on it.

  11. I really dont know what the hell teclast is thinking, they pretty much, in a single stroke destroyed all the goodwill and reputation they have build up over the past 2 years with their notebooks.

    • No idea but it’s certainly shooting yourself in the foot. And now they have the Teclast F6 Plus coming which looks like the great BMAX Y13 but with more ports, stylus support and a better keyboard perhaps. Also, the M16 doesn’t really make sense at all since the T30 from them has Android 9 and the Helio P70.

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