windows to go – windows as a portable app or OS in this case

windows to go – windows as a portable app or OS in this case

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    10 gives me all kind of crap and I still hope I find some day a way to get 7 working on an Apollo Lake.
    So while playing around to see how much I could twist windows 10 I remembered how much fun it was to get the gta v working from a 60GB usb 3 stick with all the little files and the registry entry just to copy over a virgin pc (just a few 100 MB) and GTA V runs completely with all the add ons and trainers from USB 3.

    So this post and the few others before are done from a windows 10 usb stick what uses just my internal memory and everything else works from the USB 3 thumb drive. I like the ultra short sandisk ones what barely stick out.

    So how does it work?
    On the same machine without missing a beat and on a  different one have the drivers cloned before and put them on the usb drive too. Ther might be a BSOD with the we need to reboot to fix something and mostly then even the digital license is activated.

    How about the speed?
    30 sec emmc boot to 1 minute usb3 boot
    programs start a little slower but barely noticeable.

    So in case something bad happens with you emmc , put the usb stick in clone back, keep on working.

    check out wintousb free

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