Recommended Chinese Tablets & Brands

Often I get asked here and on the YouTube channel which tablet do I recommend or which is the best tablet? That’s really a hard question as it all depends on an individual’s tablet needs. Any tablet that has a review here on Tech Tablets with a rating of over 8 is a decent recommend tablet (ratings can be found on the right of the main page) that I would recommend. But there are some that I just like more than others. As of November 2019, these are my personal favorites. Based on my experiences with them and their value for money. Best fully laminated 10 Inch or more Android Tablet under $400. #1 -Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Yes while it’s not a Chinese tablet but Korean and sells for around $379 USD the Galaxy Tab S5e is by far the best Chinese tablet I have reviewed in a long time for the price. It has the same screen as the $300 Alldocube X but for $99 more you get a lot. Samsung Dex support, 4 great sounding AKG speakers, Android 9 with updates, local warrenty and support, a thin and light build. Great battery life, GPS with a hardware compass and optional keyboard type cover. The only bad thing is no 3.5mm jack support and no S-Pen support and the chipset while decent isn’t an SD855+ gaming beast. Where to buy, from Samsung directly or here on Amazon. Note: I never experienced any wifi performance issues holding it in landscape. Mi Pad 4 / Mi Pad 4 Plus   One of very few Qualcomm powered tablets the Mi pad 4 is powered by the Snapdragon 660, it has 3GB to 4GB fo RAM and overall a fast smooth tablet and one of the best-reviewed in 2018. Mi Pad 4 Plus 10.1″ Mi pad 4 8″ $189 Teclast Master T30 – 4G, dual SIM and GPS This tablet uses the new-gen MediaTek Helio P70 which is a big step up over the laggy Helio X27 Deca core series. The main boost comes in GPU performance so these chips can game fine on medium visuals in games like Call of Duty or PUBG. And when on sale sells for around $200. You can find it currently on sale here for $189 at Gearbest.