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Teclast Tbook 11 tablet / Teclast T11s keyboard (review)

This is my review of the Teclast Tbook 11 tablet and the Teclast T11s keyboard. Usage: During the working days, I use it at my workplace for my own personal needs like Skype, Messenger, Viber, etc. I also browse various websites, mostly using Microsoft Edge. During the weekends, I mostly read PDF books, watch videos and play games like Fallout Shelter and some oldies through DosBox. Photos: http:/...[Read More]



Keep It

I have the Teclast X16 Pro and love it.  I ordered and just received one of these from Gearbest.  No charger.  Not one in the box.  According to Gearbest they will include the appropriate charger for your country.  Apparently not.  Never again.




A 10 días de comprada empezó a fallar, no tenia imagen, la dejaba unos días y volvía sola a tener imagen. Después de un tiempo la falla no se hizo tan visible pero desapareció el menú para seleccionar el arranque. empieza en android pero con la posibilidad de pasar a windows, pero de windows a android no se puede y hay que rebootear. Es una hermosa tablet pero con fallas serias y el soporte de gar...[Read More]



Tablet Fantástica

Va muy fluida, muy buena duración de bateria, utilización de paquetes office perfecto. En relación calidad/precio es para mi una de las tablets más recomendables.



Android and Win 10 work fine but microsd slot malfunctioning

Received promptly via GearsBest. Boots very quickly into Android 5.1. Boot to Win 10 is about as expected with Windows. System word fine with both systems, although I primarily use Android with tablets. Win 10 really just a one time novelty buy for me. Processor seems quick enough, but would be likely would be much, much better with 1.5 vice 1 GB RAM. THE problem is the microsd card slot not prope...[Read More]



teclast tbook 11

Olá Eu tenho um problema com meu Teclast tbook 11 id e5a6 ele deichou a leitura do micro sd no android problema: quando eu chamo ele diz que eu posso remover o cartão não sabe o que fazer se alguém podesse me ajudar eu ficaria muito grato obrigado a todos



sd card issue

Impossible to use the sd card slot : many issues with Android: reboot, data failure on the sd card Not seen in windows 10 Test with many différent card Many users as the same issue, look at the forum or web  



Auto reboot on Android and Windows 10

Purchased from GearsBest. Upon first boot to windows 10, it reboots itself after reaching the desktop. It seems like the reboot is very random and can happen at any time any condition. Also, Android reboots much frequently than Windows. I followed the guide from Teclast and re-installed windows 10 but not solving the issue. The quality of these cheap tablets is totally rubbish. I do not recommend ...[Read More]

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