Teclast Air X98 Air 3G

The Dual Boot tablet of 2014
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to many bricks without real tech support from teclast.

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I have the c5j6 teclast x98 3g 64gig duel boot version.  From the start I have been getting throttling errors. I have contacted teclast with no response at all. Geekbuying has tried helping by providing me with a link to update the tablet myself but it won’t update.

Stay away from this Tablet until all the problems are fixed. Way to buggy. Windows shuts down at random and will not turn back on unless I let it sit for 5-10 min. Even then make sure you make a recovery boot USB stick. I had to use mine twice when it shut down by itself when windows was updating.

In android the screen goes dim to thermal throttling ( over  heat problem)

If I want to try and fix the issues all myself then I run the risk of a brick and from what I have been seeing on all the forums its a hit and miss.  You been warned.

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  1. Goodnight, I´m a little worried for the following: I have a Teclast X98 HG8N acquired in June with which I am fully and absolutely delighted, with its performance both in Android and Windows (8.1). The problem is that a message appeared for a free Windows 10 upgrade, though obviously as there is no space (32 Gb) I decided to put the installation file to a pen, as it allows it in the installation. Until there all right. The problem is that the installation does not stop from the beginning, it cannot be interrupted and as the usb for pen input is the same as the load halfway through installing the tablet turned off…
    Right now I have the partition of Android that works exactly as before, but whenever I try to boot with Windows on the menu gives me an error… in Chinese. I’m locked… someone with good heart can give me a hand, please? I am worried to loose the license for the windows and I have still the pen with a directory called “J:\$Windows.~LS\Sources” which hoilds a file “Install.esd” with more than 2 Gb…
    What shall I do?

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