Keyboard lag / delay / missing keystrokes

Keyboard lag / delay / missing keystrokes

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    I have had the F6 Pro for only one week, and then suddenly experienced this keyboard fault. The keyboard has a lag or delay between pressing a key and seeing it appear on screen. Plus, lots of keystrokes are missed when typing fast.

    The symptoms are much like described here:

    I am currently making some thermal mods to this laptop so have opened it up, to discover the source of my keyboard problem. There is manufacturing flaw. The ribbon that connects the keyboard to the motherboard should be at right angles (90°) to fit in the connector slot, but actually it is slightly offset. This means the ribbon can come loose or stop making full contact with the pins, hence the lag issue.

    I have fixed my problem by removing and reseating the connector. It’s a simple process. First, remove the screws from the bottom of the laptop, and lift off the bottom cover. Next, unscrew the battery (there are 6 screws). Underneath the battery is a large black ribbon (see attached picture). Where the ribbon attaches to the motherboard, lift “up” the black retainer, then pull out (pull to the left) the ribbon. Then, push it back in to the slot again, and close the black retainer.

    Hope this helps someone!

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    Got my F6 pro last week. I except for some issues like the touchreen sometimes stops working (which is solved by going in and out sleep mode) the the missing keys and the perhaps low battery capacity I like it very much. I was able to fix the missing keys issue with your recommendation. I refitted the connector and now it works like a charm. Thanks!

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