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Deals: Cube Thinker i35 $499, Redmi Note 5 $189 & Lenovo P8 $119

Gearbest has some flash sales on right now. More often than not they do, but here are some of the best ones I’ve spotted and tech that I have reviewed and know is a good buy. First up the Cube Thinker i35. It is still the screen champion that has yet to be beaten. This 13.5″ laptop has a Core M3-7Y30 fanless CPU, 8GB of RAM, Type-C USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and 256GB SDD. The build is good, its...[Read More]

Deals: Mi Notebook Pro $820 – Lenovo P8 / Tab 3 $129

While it’s not quite the $799 best price seen for the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, it’s not too far off it. The price of the Core i5 8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB model with bios 502 (or better) is now $820 with coupon GBsale071, this drops the price $80 off the current $900 flash sale. And if you missed my review of this one, it is Xiaomi’s best laptop to date, just be aware however that it ...[Read More]

Deals: Teclast, Chuwi Brands Sale & AliExpress Anniversary Sale

So right now today is the Aliexpress Anniversary sale, there are many items discounted on their site, one of the featured brands is Teclast with some discounts on their products. For example, the Teclast Master T10 for $207 USD, The Master T8 for $190 and the Tecalst F7 sadly still seems to be expensive around $295 USD. You can find these deals here. Chuwi also has a discounted sale on, their page...[Read More]

Deal Alert: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro For Just $799 (Updated)

Update #4 – I received my order, just 12 days to Spain with the free post method and tax-free so not bad at all. The coupon also now live and working again, so if you missed out the first time around you have a second chance using the below coupon. My order has shipped out already so the deal is 100% legit, and still working but only a few units left on this XMNB01 coupon for $799 here befor...[Read More]

Deals: Gearbest 4th Anniversary – The Best Deals List (Updated)

It’s Gearbest’s 4th Anniversary sale. And this might have been the reason prices went up recently, so they can now drop them for their 4th birthday sale. There are a lot of items that are discounted and on flash sale on the main discount page. Here are my picks based on tech I’ve reviewed and the price: *Updated 27th* There are some side wide coupons to also try: GB4th$3 – ...[Read More]

Jumper EZBook 3L Pro, The Best Teclast F7 Alternative

Update: I just got my EZBook 3L Pro, I can confirm it has no power limit settings in the bios and a factory set 6W limit. And I was unlucky, my unit has a TN Panel! Not matte IPS, but Matte TN, panel ID MS_0003. So it’s down to luck if you get the matte IPS panel from BOU. Software power limit unlock or setting 10W works fine. Thermals are good and the rest is exactly the same as the Teclast...[Read More]

Deal Alert: Mi Notebook Pro Core i5 8250U $829 USD Or 665 Euros

This is the best price so far the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has hit since its release. The 8GB/256GB version is now $829 USD or 665 euros for certain EU counties. Which is a great price considering there is nothing here in Spain for 665 euros comes even close to its spec of this powerful ultrabook. 8th Gen i5 8250U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB Samsung NVMe SSD, Wireless AC and the Nvidia MX150 GPU with 2GB D...[Read More]

Daily Deals: EZBook 3 Pro Sells For $219 (Again)

Thanks Gaz for the heads up, the Jumper EZBook Pro 3 is selling for $219 again with the following discount codes: XMAS285 & BOOKPRO,  (working again) Not that in the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro forum almost all of the newest batch has the power limit options in the bios disabled. But a higher 7W TDP is set at least. But you can still use the software TDP override to boost performance if you want to ru...[Read More]

Black Friday – The Best Deals In Chinese Tech

You’re no doubt sick of all the Black Friday emails, adverts and announcements. So I’m I but still now is a good time to cash in on some savings, with some offers that are even better than the double 11 sales. Here are some of my best picks I’ve found, please if you have spotted a better deal or another good deal please let us know in the comments and share it with everyone! The ...[Read More]

11.11 The Biggest Sale Of The Year. The Best Offers Here

Today is Double 11 and a huge day in China. Online retailers slash their prices and have some huge discounts. Often it’s limited stock but at very low prices if you’re quick. 11.11 deals have now kicked off. This page here we can post the best deals of 11.11 (I will keep updating it) and the most popular ones. If you find a good deal please let us know in the comments so we can share t...[Read More]

Deals: Mi Notebook 13.3 2017 Model $789 & Lenovo Tab 3 8 Plus $139

Lenovo’s Tab 3 8 Plus or the Lenovo P8 Plus it’s also called is now just $139 here over at GB with coupon Lenovo01‌. This is a good deal for a Snapdragon 625 3GB tablet with a fully laminated screen, GPS with compass and wireless AC. So far it’s my favorite sub 10″ tablet. You can see my review below. Thanks Maciej for the coupon & message. And the new revised 2017 mode...[Read More]

Deals: Mi Drone $339.99 & Cube Mix Plus Core M3-7Y30 Tablet $279.98

It’s Banggood’s 11th anniversary and they have some pretty good deals on at the moment, but two of the best ones here caught my eye. The Mi Drone for just $339 (1080p) version, the 4k version is $399 which is still a great price. I reviewed the 4k model and it’s an awesome drone for the price. Similar to the DJI Phantom 4, better in some ways, I’m eagerly awaiting the Mi Dr...[Read More]

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