Recommended Chinese Tablets & Brands

Often I get asked here and on the YouTube channel which tablet do I recommend or which is the best tablet? That’s really a hard question as it all depends on an individual’s tablet needs. Any tablet that has a review here on Tech Tablets with a rating of over 8 is a decent recommend tablet (ratings can be found on the right of the main page) that I would recommend. But there are some that I just like more than others.

As of November 2019, these are my personal favorites. Based on my experiences with them and their value for money.

Best fully laminated 10 Inch or more Android Tablet under $400.

#1 -Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Yes while it’s not a Chinese tablet but Korean and sells for around $379 USD the Galaxy Tab S5e is by far the best Chinese tablet I have reviewed in a long time for the price. It has the same screen as the $300 Alldocube X but for $99 more you get a lot. Samsung Dex support, 4 great sounding AKG speakers, Android 9 with updates, local warrenty and support, a thin and light build. Great battery life, GPS with a hardware compass and optional keyboard type cover.

The only bad thing is no 3.5mm jack support and no S-Pen support and the chipset while decent isn’t an SD855+ gaming beast. Where to buy, from Samsung directly or here on Amazon.

Note: I never experienced any wifi performance issues holding it in landscape.

Mi Pad 4 / Mi Pad 4 Plus


One of very few Qualcomm powered tablets the Mi pad 4 is powered by the Snapdragon 660, it has 3GB to 4GB fo RAM and overall a fast smooth tablet and one of the best-reviewed in 2018.

Teclast Master T30 – 4G, dual SIM and GPS

This tablet uses the new-gen MediaTek Helio P70 which is a big step up over the laggy Helio X27 Deca core series. The main boost comes in GPU performance so these chips can game fine on medium visuals in games like Call of Duty or PUBG. And when on sale sells for around $200. You can find it currently on sale here for $189 at Gearbest.


  1. This list has always been updated if some major change had happened.

    What else do you expect ?
    A new report called NOV 2020 with not many news or changes ?

    Would be boring to get a mail notification that links to a NOV 2020 list with not many changes.

  2. I see you gave up on Techtablets. Headers “Recommended Tablets (Feb 2020)” in October 2020…

  3. do you have a similar review of small windows tablet ?
    I am looking at the surface go 2 … I like it but it’s very expensive in France with its core m3 and only 128gb of ssd. there are smaller chinese 11″ tablets on banggood but it looks like they are all 16/9 and I don’t like this screen ratio …

    thanks !!!

  4. So the best tablet you could come up with is the Cube Mix Plus that was released 3 years ago? Nothing has been released since? I like my Cube i7 Sylus but would never buy another product from them again. I did do the thermal mod & my tablet still gets really hot. These idiots still couldn’t fix a simple issue. Thanks for all that you do in your reviews but I find it dis-ingenuous to recommend a 3 year old tablet to help drain the Chinese sites of their inventory.

  5. Chris,

    Do you have any recommendations for an Android tablet that has a fully laminated Microsoft surface display? My mi pad 4 got stolen and I have a teclast m89 pro coming, but I would like something in the 10″ to 12″ range with a 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratio running Android.

  6. I’ve bought the Teclast X89 Kindow D5N3 (7.9″) and the Pipo W1S (10.1″) based on deals/information I read on this site. Thanks! A couple of really useful additions would be a mention of the availability of 3rd party roms (spyware really is a problem straight out of the factory), and also whether the charger is special or not as it has really changed the way I think about them. I tend to take the Teclast with me since it will charge off Micro USB; however the lack of 3rd party roms on both has driven me to delete the Android partitions and use the space for Windows 10 (clean install where possible). I would have preferred to keep one Android and one Windows but the stale Android versions are too much of a risk.

  7. I’m really surprised that you didn’t add Teclast M89 to your list. I have both the M89 and the Ifive Mini 4S and M89 is better in every respect:
    Android 7 vs Android 6, 3GB RAM vs 2GB RAM, Gorilla screen vs cheap screen protector, USB Type-C vs micro USB.
    M89 also has a better battery life by an hour or two. I really can’t imagine any reason to pick Ifive over M89.

  8. I watched almost all your videos.

    Please tell me final verdict which Chinese tablet up to €180 to choose. 10″, WiFi is enough, GPS, SIMs — not important.

    I know you like Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 very much, but 8″ is too small for me, need 10″, which is much more expensive. 🙁
    Your favourite in one video was Teclast T10 (as well as in site recommendation), and later on Teclast T20 (even though it’s on Android 7 forever, no Custom ROMs, checked on XDA).

    Yes, I do understand MTK SoC Helio X2x is laggy, mostly on 3GB RAM.

    I trust you, whatever you say, I’m going to order.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Chuwi Hi9 Air or Chuwi Hi9 Plus? 🙂
      Please respond.

  9. Can I expect a windows tablet from Xiaomi again? Something like mi pad 4 with intel core m cpu would be great.

  10. Still no china brand does “normal” i7 tablets like voyo i7plus? 🙁 i want something like that but with gen 8 at least to have quad core, i need best performance, but surface is just too expensive…

  11. Hi, can suggest good performance tablet that size below 11 inches that support display out?

  12. Hi there! I would like to purchase a tablet mainly for hand-written notes, with a stylus. What would you recommend that is below 200 USD (if possible). Thanks!

  13. Hello!
    Thank you for sharing the helpful article, I found that when using an SSD I found it very hot on my samsung when playing games, I thought of DownloadRAM to improve speed. And greatness has come!
    Yours sincerely!

  14. I was impressed at the wacom processor chip

  15. Seriously? Teclast on 3rd place and Chuwi on 4th? For me both brands are just crap. Bad quality, bad support and full of spyware.

    • Yes for the Chinese brands here, the build quality. Support from all of the brands is not a patch on the likes of HP, ASUS, Dell etc. You get what you pay for.

  16. Hi Chris,

    I’ve recently, half year ago bought the CHUWI HiBook Pro. All-in-all i was very satisfied, apart from the the connectivity problem, it was an over all great dual OS tablet for 145$. But accidental cracked the glass > result touch not to work anymore. Not possible to replace.

    Can you recommend any alternatives to this?
    1. need windows + android
    2. need better screen then full HD, OGS/laminated
    3. At least 64GB rom
    4. 10″ or more

    I cannot find anything like the HiBook Pro. 🙁

  17. Whats your Best of 2 suggestion for a Windows Tablet Under 500 if its possible
    10+ inch, IPS
    4+Gb RAM
    +128 Gb SSD
    + average
    CPU that can run everything, ( I mean no Atom or Celeron but a full x86 CPU )
    + illuminated keyboard ( in the package or bought separately, not BT but mechanical attached )

    • The first tablet reviewed,
      Cube i7 Mix Plus –
      “If an Atom isn’t enough for your own needs, for example, you want to run Photoshop and work with multiple layers on large images. Or you want the best gaming performance. Then an Intel Core M3-7Y30 is the way to go.”

      “Best deal: $305 with $54.00 off…” (see first tablet at top of list for link to discount.)

  18. Should I get the Cube Mix Plus instead of Chuwi Lapbook Air for editing tasks?, Thank you.

  19. I own the T10since 6 months now and am very satisfied since I found out how to install apps initially downloaded from gplaystore which simply did not work (e.g. AirBnB, Verbatim Mediashr, Yuneec CGO2). Picking up these apps from APK PURE corrects all these problems! Maybe someone can explain the difference between Google Play store and APK Pure.

  20. I have had the cube mix plus for 8 months now, at the beggining it would charge at 100% no problems.


    Every few weeks it loses its maximum capacity, at 2 months i would only charge at 91% maximum, later 83%, 72% etc

    8 months later i can only charge it up to 34% maximum, and i am now sure it will eventually just stop charging.

    I have read this is a common problem in some windows tablets even in famous brands, perhaps even windows 10 has something to do with it


    All of this started with the creators update, before hand i didnt noticed a problem, might be just coincidence anyway.


    I dont do super heavy use with the tablet, but in these 8 months i have used it daily, at least 2-3 hours a day, and often for steam games and emulators


    Is there a way to recover the battery? or what battery would you recommend to replace, i have read in forums of know brands that replacing battery in windows tablet is not enough, has someone here replaced his battery succesfully? i dont seem to find a sepecific battery to purchase in neither banggood , aliexpress and such, may be a surface battery can fit or such

  21. I have had the cube mix plus for 8 months now, at the beggining it would charge at 100% no problems.


    Every few weeks it loses its maximum capacity, at 2 months i would only charge at 91% maximum, later 83%, 72% etc

    8 months later i can only charge it up to 34% maximum, and i am now sure it will eventually just stop charging.

    I have read this is a common problem in some windows tablets even in famous brands, perhaps even windows 10 has something to do with it


    All of this started with the creators update, before hand i didnt noticed a problem, might be just coincidence anyway.


    I dont do super heavy use with the tablet, but in these 8 months i have used it daily, at least 2-3 hours a day, and often for steam games and emulators


    Is there a way to recover the battery? or what battery would you recommend to replace, i have read in forums of know brands that replacing battery in windows tablet is not enough, has someone here replaced his battery succesfully? i dont seem to find a sepecific battery to purchase in neither banggood , aliexpress and such, may be a surface battery can fit or such

    • Before you spend money on a new charger or even a new battery & well before you consider taking your tablet apart to touch or solder anything try this that I read on a different post on this site. First disconnect your tablet from the power cord. Then hold down the on/off button for 30 seconds & while STILL HOLDING DOWN the POWER BUTTON, SLOWLY insert the power cable. Continue to hold down the power button for up to 30 seconds, AND VOILA, PRESTO, it was fixed WITHOUT taking the Tablet apart, WITHOUT spending a dime or even a penny!!!

  22. Why is there such a lack of new Windows tablets? It’s telling that two out of three of them mentioned here are over a year old. Are the manufacturers waiting to see if Windows on ARM takes off?

    • It could be that. But I doubt it, seems not many want to leap into Windows ARM. And the list, well just nothing really stood out lately, the newest would be the Surbook. Looking forward to the new Gemini Lake updates.

      • No one really knows yet how well Windows on ARM will work. If it turns out to be able to run 90% of existing software at a decent speed then it could become the chipset of choice for tablets assuming the expected cost savings and battery life are also present.

        I’ve been holding out for a new windows tablet in the 8-10″ range with a decent CPU and better than 1080p screen. What new Windows tablets there have been seem to all be much larger than this.

  23. Hi Chris, i have looked at a lot of your reviews on youtube and on your website. Will you please help me with my search? I have been looking for a Dual boot (Windows + Android) tablet which is under 11 inches, is 4G /LTE capable, has good performance (I don’t play games but kill my time with netflix, I travel a lot and use MS office every day), has a decent compatible keyboard (OK to purchase separately), is black or dark is colour (I find white a bit girly). Stylus capability would be nice to have but not must. I know that this configuration is a bit too specific but would be delighted to know if such a tablet exists. The cube iWork 10 ultimate is what caught my eye and your review on it is great but then its not sim capable.

  24. Hello techtablet friends!
    I need a tablet which I can use to read pdfs and take notes. So the main requirements are 1) good screen (3:2 or 4:3 ratio + 8″ or bigger), 2) stylus 3) good battery.
    What do you prefer? I am considering about Chuwi Hi12 but the screen is a bit larger than that i prefer.
    Max budget: 220€

    • Looking for (more or less) same specs, I don’t mind chuwi’s screen though. Maybe you’d consider a conversible laptop as well?

  25. Teclast T10 didn’t make the list? I really like mine so far.

    • It’s in the video as the top one. I’ll update the list asap!

  26. @Mahesh fell free to waste your money! I bought a teclast tbook 16 power 3 months ago and all I can say it works like a charm!!!

  27. Bought a Cheap Chinese Tablet- Died During Unboxing. Moral of the Story? Avoid cheap tabs- buy iPad.
    Video here- (Warning Graphic. lol.)

  28. Hi, I’ve been coming here for few months now. But there has been no update. Is that mean that there aren’t any new tablets that would compete with the ones here?

  29. I ended up giving a try at a FNF iFive Mini 4S. Let’s see if I can get used to a slightly smaller screen than what I wanted.

    It will mostly be used by my wife for card games and on travels by plane/bus. Laptops are not practical on such occasions. What is mandatory is the screen being IPS, which this screen seems to be.

    One thing that is essential on cells and tablets (laptops and notebooks too) is having a non-reflective screen, which should make working on a luminous room quite difficult. For that you need a non-reflective screen protection cover.

  30. Hi,

    I have a budget of 220$ maximum (shipping & insurance excluded) to be spent on GearBest (can’t choose another e-shop).
    What do you recommend me to choose?

    My requirements:

    – Minimum 10.1″ screen
    – Type-C Charging Port
    – Wireless AC
    – 4GB of RAM minimum

    Thanks in advance.

    • Oh and i forgot, Tablet or Ultrabook, it doesn’t matter, both would be fine.

  31. My experience with Chinese tablets is limited to a Teclast X98 Air 3G that recently died on me. Battery seems to be OK, but I couldn’t make it wake up.

    So I’m now in the market for a sub-$200 unit, 9″ to 12″ preferably, with a sealed IPS screen.

    I’m not sure I want another Teclast, they do not seem so endurable from my experience. Should I forget finding a tablet that may last 4 years or more?

  32. Hi all, does any of those recommended tablets have 4g internet support? If not who can recommend me one that has 4g?

    • There are a few 4G models I looked t recently like the Cube T10. But Mali T720 GPU’s dated chipsets so not very good performance from them.

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  34. Hi, this is a great article, just what I’ve been looking for. This site is a great resource to help people take the plunge into the unknown world of companies we’ve never heard of. I’ve been wanting to buy some kind of dual boot (Windows 10 + Android) tablet that has a dockable keyboard that can be used in a similar fashion to the Surface Pro 4 (although I fully realise that what I buy won’t have the build quality of the SP4!).

    I’ve noticed that most of the dual boot ones that are out there are Android 5.1 – is there a particular reason why there are hardly any with Android 6.0+.


  35. Any reason/s why cube i9 is in here?
    And when will there be an stylus supportive cube i9 to buy?
    Also which of cube i9 and Chuwi 13 is better? ( would like to see a comparison video )

  36. Just a detail about the iWork 10 – the Flagship version (the Type C one) is being shipped with much worse RAM chips than the Ultimate. The Ultimate comes with 1600 Mhz DDR3L capable ships, and the Flagship Type C version is being shipped with 1066 Mhz DDR RAM (and if you try to change the speed in BIOS to 1600 Mhz, the tablet locks and restarts with the default BIOS settings).

    At least I think that this is true with the Z8300 Flagship Type C ones (like mine – saw a lot of post about it around), dunno if it is true to the Z8350 version. Better check if it is the case.

    • Found an EVEN WORSE problem with the iWork 10 Flagship Z8300 – the Type C port is USB 2.0 only. Yeah, you read that right. In fact,. the tablet don’t have a single USB 3.0 connection – the microSD port is 2.0, the microSd Card reader is 2.0, and the f***king Type C port is 2.0 wired (there is a USB 3.0 host controller in the Device Manager in Windows, but the read speeds from a USB 3.0 card reader is 24Mbps – the same combo in my desktop goes to 90Mbps).

      In Android, same numbers – which indicates that it is not a driver problem. Could be my OTG cable, albeit it is 3.0 specced, with blue conector and the additional contacts.

      Will make some more tests, but with without much hope – in the TechTablets forum other users had the same issues.

      Don’t know if the Z8350 version have the same problems – but search before buying. Felling almost ripped off.

      • More problems with my iWork 10 Flagship Type C – now the microSD card slot is dead, just stopped working in the middle of a file transfers and now do not recognize any card (tried with 3 different cards). Looks like a hardware problem – only once it recognized again the card, but stopped working again after 2 minutes).

        And the Type C port is a complete pile of crap – besides being USB 2.0, not 3.0, it works very badly with USB hubs, tried with an Anker hub and another generic one, and sometimes the ports are not recognized, both hubs are powered but if you connect the hub energized, the ports do not works in Android; in Windows, sometimes it works, sometimes not, and the tablet enters and exits charging mode constantly, about 1 time per second.

        Don’t buy this tablet at all costs.

  37. Is i9 better than Cube Mix plus?

    • Cube Mix is faster, but I do like the larger keyboard and screen of the i9.

  38. You only have tablets… Please add notebooks. Which is the best one you have tested?

  39. I’ve updated my list! iFive Mini 4S added and Mix Plus. Few others changed to. I’ll try to keep it more up to date.

    • Thank you for removing the Teclast x98 plus from the recommended list. I saw so many people burned by that purchase.

      • I was good for me, but it seemed later batches had a far share of issues. They have stopped making it anyway.

  40. I am not a fan of Teclast, I got one of those x98 Air 3G’s with the faulty Processor. It’s always had all kinds of frustrating issues that I’ve never had with any of my other tablets that were half the price; the worst issue is that is will randomly die or sometimes refuse to turn on unless plugged in. The Teclast does have the best screen of all my tablets but it has far too many issues. I know I’ll never buy another product from them and I do not recommend them to anyone.

  41. I don’t agree teclast is better than chuwi, chuwi is better than telcast very obvious.

    Telcast just like Samsung always roll out defective incomplete products and also bad on products QC and QA.

  42. i bought a tablet teclast and had it for maybe a month it stopped working. then i try contacting the company that made it for help found there is none. then i sent messeage to company i bot it at took 3 messages over 2 months before i got a resonce then i keep asking me stuppid questions like send video and pics to show then whats wrong seeing i am a tech i know whats wrong, but i sent them video on the tablet restarting over and over. this wasnt good enough they want me to post on youtube this seems very stupid to me? way i ask does a company do things this way. so i sent another few messages. it took 2 more months to get them to respond now where 5 months in to this and i give up 2 weeks after that i deside to send message this time few days laster they send back. asking same thing i sent back telling them tablet boots over and over never starting up nothing to see just tell me what i have todo to get this problem fixed. 2 weeks or more later they ask me to try downloading software to reload so i did this did not work i sent message back and again takes a month or more asking to send videos. i send back i am a tech and normally can fix anything but cant get this to run. how do i send this back to be fixed. 2 weeks they send address. i send it back 7 weeks later i have tbale working i can tell its a new or different tablet worked for a month even though i was very careful didnt even use this tablet much was to affrayed to use this knowing it would crash and give up. did lots of studies and found not 1 Chinese tablet works right and quality changes every time its made its made. if u have money to burn go for it but i dont so lost $200 on junk now looking for another tablet. now no tablet not sure when these chinese tablets will have support and quality they only want are money dont care about anything else wont buy again ever will stick with acer or hp.

  43. Where is Cube mix plus on this list? 🙂 better than i9?

  44. Do you still believe your ranking for build quality holds today or would you shift any of the companies around? Is Onda still bottom of the barrel as far as build quality is concerned?

  45. Hi

    Does anyone wants to sell me a iwork 10 Keyboard (dock), please?

    please get in touch with me: [email protected]


  46. i have cube iwork11 and cdk02 dock keyboard + touchpad.
    My iwork11 show i8-ty hardware.
    the cdk02 can not use in win10 and android.
    pleased, help me iwork11 use cdk02 dock.

  47. I find the recommendation ipad clone misdirected.
    Teclast x98 plus II looks very good on paper, perhaps on boot, but there are too many complaints on the forum.
    Bad wifi, bad/stop working screen, stop working tactile, stop booting tablet, bad battery.
    It seems last hardware versions are having heavy problems.
    Please, consider information on the forum in order to update your recommendations. What looks good for an hour can be really bad.

    • truly teclast has to many problems if the quality of the hardware would be better i would pay more for this tablet i think teclast is much better but at the same time the problems i have is to much trouble. sent back once and now went do yesterday wont boot looking for tablet again sucks. dont think they will let me send back to fix seeing its been to long even though this is my second tablet from them

  48. need recommend 4G (or at least 3G) dual boot tablet with low price & at least using atom x5. thanks

    PS : pls add recommend to mobile connection enabled tabs too

  49. Hi. What would be the best android tablet for gaming at around 200€? I was looking at the mi pad 2 but I’ve heard it’s not very good for gaming. I know a lot about smartphones and the best chipsets (snapdragons, mediateks, etc) but with tablets I just can’t figure out what I should be looking for. I have even looked at the mi max for using as a tablet. My main goal is to get a tablet that has the latest android possible (6, 7 is too new at the moment), has the best chipset I can get at 200€ or lower, as the largest screen at those specs mentioned before and that I could get at gearbest 😉
    Can anyone help me? My old tablet (bq edison 2) broke and I am surviving using my nexus 5, which is my daily driver, but the battery keeps running out and the screen is tiny 4.9″!!

  50. Hi,
    Thank you for your great post. I was looking for this recommendation and comparison. I thing the best choice for me is Cube i9 or Cube i7, also I read about Cube iwork but some people doesn’t like its performance.

    Can you please help me with the best choice for my requirements considering a value of money?

    – Playing game via ps1/ps2 emulator and steam
    – using Photoshop most of the time with large size
    – Drawing via Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, and Clip Paint Studio with Wacom pen pressure sensitivity
    – Writing in English Arabic and Japanese
    – I need keyboard and pen included
    – Watching Anime and Drama online on YouTube and other player (for 2 hrs. on battery mode without adapter).
    – Windows 10 is preferred, other is okay if the price will decrease.
    – Using MS Office.

    Which is the best site I can buy full package (Tablet+Keyboard+Wacom Stylus) and how much dose it cost (approx.) ?

    Thanks and best regards,
    Hope50 (Amal)

    • Considering your requirements I’d definitely recommend the i7 Book (on any of the gearbest / bangood / etc. sites for around 300-350 euros, depending on the offer/day/etc.) as it’s the only one with a Wacom stylus (and it doesn’t need batteries, which is a massive plus if you use it a lot like me).

      I would strongly recommend doing the themal mod on it though (slapping a good 0.5mm Arctic thermal pad on the heatsink is enough really), specially if you’re going to be gaming on it.

      The Atom tablets aren’t really an option with Photoshop and rather limited for gaming, but are considerably cheaper (as always, you get what you pay for).

  51. I’m interested in another dual boot, but I can’t find any information regarding partition sizes. Do all these tablets have the same Android sized partition, or do some have a larger one? 8Gb is too small for my needs. Anyone have an answer? Thanks

  52. I think these tablets have a lot of potential. but the support for them from what I see is horrible (and from what I have experienced with Chuwi). The quality might seem good but all they really need to do is put a bit more of an effort into helping their customers trouble shoot issues. (or even respond to customers, chuwi seems to ignore tickets opened on their support page).

  53. hey chris i wonder why you never review the huawei tablets they have really good one
    too like mate book?

    • Price really, bit too expensive and I like to cover tech others don’t.

  54. And how about the desing, Can you rank which one is more advance design? I though that chuwi is more elegant than the others

    • Yeah Chuwi design wise is a little better. Especially the fully laminated HiBook Pro due to it’s amazing screen. But none of them have Surface pro level stand out designs, not at their price.

  55. Hey Chris! The link for the CUBE i7 BOOK (More info and news) here on this ‘Recommended Tablets (UPDATED)’ goes to the ‘iWork 10 Ultimate’ review page by mistake. ( ) Just an fyi. 🙂

    • Also, the link for the just plain ‘review’ of the same device is broken/not showing as a link.

      P.S. You are awesome 😀 Thank you for what you do.

  56. So what’s the best 8 inch tablet with 16:9 or 16:10 screen ratio?
    I’m looking for a small tablet for media consumption, so the important features are screen quality, usb/wifi/storage speeds, and battery life. Rootable android would also be great.
    It looks like it’s down to the Chuwi Hi8 Pro or Onda V80 Plus, but both have some issues…

    • Cube iwork8 ultimate or the Teclast X80 Power (new batches)

      • 1. Do you mean the iwork8 Air? The Ultimate is only 1280×800 px.
        2. How can I tell which batch is it for the x80? Did they fix the brightness and wifi issues?

        • What about some 3G 8″ tablets? You seem to have been doing quite a good research, so can I have your opinion on this?

  57. HI, I’m amazed that nobody mentions the fact that Cube provides absolutely NO ENGLISH BACKUP for their products. I had a Cube i10 which crashed (wouldn’t boot after four months) and now I have a Cube iWork 10 Flagship which will only boot into the bios (three months old). Both times I have written to Cube support asking for help and both times I have had the same reply – “:When we got the English firmware for your model, we will release it on our website soon”. I have looked everywhere and can’t find the drivers I need to reinstall Windows and Android. Yes, the Cube products are great when they are working, but what use is that when you get no support if they break down which , from the many complaints that I’ve read, is pretty often. Of course, in my experience, once the Chinese sellers have your money, they are no longer interested in you, and of no help at all.
    If anyone can help with these drivers and how to install them, I would be extremely grateful. Barry Wade

  58. Ive been really dissapointed with the cube iwork12 i have had 2 in the last month both graphics failing 2 dead screens while i agree (while they where working) the cube touch screen was better and more fluid than my replacement Tab (chuwi Hi12) the resoultion on the Hi12 is better viewing and the Pen is a bouns for photo editing i do miss the kickstand and keyboard style of the Cube the Hi12 Metal one is quite heavy.
    So Far the Hi12 is great seem to have a good one, Wifi is a little less powerful that the Cube, Battery life however is a lot better on the Hi12.

  59. After reading many reviews on this site I decided to purchase a cube iwork10 ultimate. Thanks to this site I found a 20 % off coupon at bangood. It worked so got $49 off. Thanks so much everyone. I can’t wait to get my tablet.

  60. The information about Teclast x98 Plus II is not accurate. The are NO custom roms available for it. Only root and that’s pretty much it.

  61. Hi Chris.

    This list is good, but what I’m searching is a bit different (and maybe a good entry for to the list): what is the most powerful dual boot Win10 + Android tablet?

    Basically I want to buy a tablet that I’ll use with Android for “everyday use” and maybe a few Android games, then sometime boot in Windows to play windows games.

    I’m not planning to play any 3D FPS games, just indie, strategics, old RPG, still I’d love to buy the most powerful tablet out there, while still being able to use Android…or, maybe, some Android compatible OS?

    Thx 🙂

  62. Hola! Saludos desde Chile!

    Muchas gracias por este post, me sirve para poder elegir de manera más Inteligente una tablet dual os, me llamo la atención la imitación de la surface 4, no la conocía, se agradece mucho!

  63. Hi Chris,

    I’m looking forward for a Dual OS new Tablet.
    This is the list I’m managing and I don’t have too much info about new Teclast tablets:

    Same Memory and processors :
    Teclast Tbook 16S – 11,6″ – Stylus – 9300mAh – 1920*1080 – 774g
    Teclast Tbook 16 Pro – 11,6″ – Stylus – 7200mAh – 1920*1080 – 774g
    CHUWI HiBook Pro – 10″ – 8000mAh – 2560*1600 – 550g
    Chuwi Hi12 – 12″ – Stylus – 11000mAh – 2160 x 1440 – 852g
    Cube iWork12 – 12″ – Stylus – 9000mAh – 1920*1200 – 950g

    The tablet is for multimedia use and casual office stuffs (mail, office, Photoshop for camera pictures)
    Stylus support is a valuable option but not crucial, portability is important because big or heavy tablet may be is not practical, but I didn’t have one of this size.
    Seeing your review about CHUWI HiBook Pro I think it is a very good option because the screen and resolution and weight, but I’m also love the Multi-position kickstand of the Surface pro (Teclast Tbook 16S) and very slim design of Teclast Tbook 16 Pro.

    Any tablet is good for me but the big difference is related with the screen. How is the important is for you to have a 2K screen instead an standard 1920*1080 ? Are there more differences that you consider important to choice one of them ? CPU temperature or similar …

    Your input would be appreciated


  64. Hey, great site. Bought 3 cubes iWork 10s based on researching the web and you’re by far the biggest help. So far so good all working well. Just wondered if you’ve heard of ifive pro as a family member wanted a 9.7 display and I like some of the specs on it. Thanks again
    Btw hows a kiwi end up in Spain selling China?. Have a great wend

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