Looking To Upgrade my 2in1 laptop need advice on what new one to get

Looking To Upgrade my 2in1 laptop need advice on what new one to get

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion Looking To Upgrade my 2in1 laptop need advice on what new one to get

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    Looking for something that has:

    That is a bit more powerful compared to cube mix plus M3 7Y30 intel hd 615

    8gb ram and 256gb ssd etc… (or an ssd etc… that is easy to upgrade)

    screen bigger than 10.6 and preferably but not 100% necessarily no more than 13.3

    its important to be reasonably light and compact so its easy to take around with me and so I can work on my projects


    I wouldnt mind to be able to play rocket league but outside of that Im not interested in pc gaming on the go.


    I would like to be able to use emulators  up to dolphin for gamecube and possibly pcsx2 for ps2 games.

    Not interested in upping all the settings for the emulators resolution etc… I’m happy to keep things native for performance.


    I had cube mix plus it done me well played most gamecube games perfectly

    very few ps2 games a lot that i wanted to play came close but just not quite there to make it an enjoyable experience

    I did really like cube mix plus until…

    So I had it for over a year tablet part still works very well but the keyboard many times acts up and it can get very frustrating when I’m working on work or projects and thats why I need to get something new and I initially was looking to buy a new keyboard but couldn’t find one anywhere banggood seemed to be promoting to use a logitech one with it but one its does not have a touchpad and two it doesnt even fit right and doesnt feel secured that and wanting a slightly bigger screen and double the ram and hard drive space.


    I also had gpd win which was great especially for emulators like gamecube but felt too gaming specific and hard for other things like work and projects


    Budget up to 500 euros I originally spent about 250 euros for cube mix plus brand new (after cashback bonuses)

    I am willing to go near double of what I spent but it would be hard to go any higher because I feel like it wouldn’t really be worth it for what I need


    Reason for posting here is I was searching a lot on aliexpress amazon and ebay but I find many new devices but other than the ram and hard drive upgrade it seems to be using weaker processors and graphics to what I have right now without having to go overkill

    Of course I need to change because of the keyboard but I do not want to feel like I’m getting something that is underpowered compared to the cube mix plus.


    Thanks for reading :D

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