X98 Pro: dead WiFi

X98 Pro: dead WiFi

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    Hi all,


    now after the latest Win 10 upgrade the tablet (K9C6) ran really well again and now the WiFi module is dead. First it seemd that the WiFi crashed somehow again, as it occures from time to time. But turning WiFi off and on didn’t help and also trying to deactivate the driver and reactivating it just showed an error message in the device manager saying something about a ‘Power failure’. Then I rebooted the tablet and since then the WiFi module is not recognized anymore at all. Shutting down, waiting, turning on again, soft reset, opening the tablet and removing the battery leads and even resoldering the WiFi module (not the chip, just the module) didn’t help. WiFi remains dead.

    Do you have any suggestions? Using an USB-WiFi-Stick is rather inconvenient…


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