Chuwi Hi9 Review

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Chuwi kicks of 2018 with the release of the Hi9, this tablet had some promise with a fully laminated 2560 x 1600 8.4″ IPS screen with around 330 lux, Android 7.0 and dual-band wireless AC. Unfortunately, the quad-core MediaTek MTK8173 struggles at times with this resolution, especially on games that aren’t optimized for the PowerVR GX6250 GPU or the RAM spec and speed inhibits its performance. Chuwi would have been better off using the MTK8176 I’ve seen in recent 2560 x 1600 tablets. That hexacore CPU performs much better when running 1600p. Good news is they will use that chipset in the Hi9 Air coming in a few months and have time to correct the issues present in the Hi9. Below is the full detailed review.

Chuwi Hi9 Review index:

04:02 – Unboxing
04:43 – Benchmarks
06:02 – Battery life
06:45 – PDF/eBooks
07:05 – Gaming
07:40 – Thermals
07:40 – Performance
08:27 – Cameras
09:00 – Audio
09:25 – Video streaming
09:53 – Final thoughts
10:40 – Pros & Cons

The screen is the greatest feature of the tablet but is let down by poor wireless range, well below average battery life and a plastic build that fails to impress with creaks and flexes in the build.

Chuwi Hi9 Benchmarks and screenshots used in this review:


  • Great fully laminated display
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • 2.5D glass & bright display
  • Good Chrome performance
  • Stock Android 7.0 ROM
  • Loud speaker


  • Wireless range & dropouts
  • Plastic case creaks & flexes
  • Occasional UI lag
  • Not all games are fluid
  • Gets hot gaming
  • The 64GB eMMC is rather slow
  • No HDMI out or D/C charging


Build & Design - 7
Performance - 7.5
Screen - 8.5
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 6

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