Chuwi HiBook Review

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Chuwi HiBook Review. Note this is a video review split into two sections, Android and the Windows review due to the two difference operating systems this HiBook has. A summary with pros and cons can be found below. Each video has time codes, so you can jump to parts that interest you the most.

Chuwi HiBook Android Review timecodes:
00:03 – Design & Build
04:25 – ROM
06:10 – Benchmarks
07:31 – Audio Quality
09:12 – Browser Performance
11:37 – Gaming Test
16:49 – Pros and Cons

Chuwi HiBook Windows Review timecodes:
00:50 – Design and USB ports
02:54 – Benchmarks
04:31 – Screen
10:12 – Speaker test
11:58 – System and device manager
13:29 – Temps & gaming CS:GO
17:16 – Gaming – LoL test
19:58 – Battery Life
20:07 – Final thoughts with Pros and Cons


The HiBook is a decent 2 in 1, good build quality, but where it falls short is in the USB ports not being able to power external 2.5″ hard drives for some reason. Sure you can use and a Type-C adaptor to USB  and that will allow you to power and access a hard drive. But the point of having full sized ports would be for such a use. The dock ports are only USB 2.0, so no super speed USB 3.0 on this tablet.

The Type-C port only runs at USB 2.0 speed and its only benefit is slightly faster charger Vs the typical Micro USB 2.0 port.

Android performance is very good, a nice light rom that performs very well for an Atom X5 Z8300. As see in the video review, Windows, on the other hand, is slower and that’s more obvious when it comes to gaming.

The keyboard while 10.1″ in size, is very well built. The top is metal and has an A grade finish, something you wouldn’t expect. Typing on it isn’t bad at all, bu the touchpad in Windows can be a bit a of pain with those Windows gestures that cannot be disabled.


  • Good build qaulity
  • High quality keyboard dock
  • Great Android performance
  • Decent eMMC speeds
  • Good thermals never went over 75 degrees


  • Keyboard USB Ports will not power HDD's
  • Windows slower compared to Android
  • Some light bleed on the screen
  • Wifi range less than the iwork10 Ultimate
  • No port will run at USB 3.0 speeds
  • Type-C port offers little benefit, only faster charging


Performance - 7
Build and Design - 8
Screen - 8
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 7.5

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