Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review

Buy one - $129

Chuwi’s second 3:2 ratio tablet after the Hi12. This model┬ácomes in two versions. A cheaper Remix OS 2.0 only version with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB eMMC. And a 4GB/64GB eMMC version with Windows 10 Home and Remix OS 2.0 dual boot. This version is reviewed is the Remix 2GB model. Note this is an in-depth video review,you’ll find the video index times below as well as the pros, cons and a rating at the bottom of this page.

00:29 – Design and port layout
03:27 – Screen
04:15 – Size comparison
04:46 – Remix OS 2.0
07:59 – Chrome browser test.
09:27 – eBook reader test
10:03 – Benchmarks
11:03 – Battery life
12:14 – Charge times
12:57 – Audio with speaker comparison
14:31 – MicroSD support
15:05 – USB port power test (HDD’s)
16:16 – Gaming
18:19 – Thermals
18:42 – Cameras & Mic
19:14 – Final words with pros and cons


  • Cheap (Around $129)
  • Good battery life
  • Performs well for an Atom X5
  • Super bright screen
  • 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Faster Type-C charging
  • Can read NTFS drives
  • Ports power external HDD's


  • No full sized USB ports
  • No adapters included for OTG
  • Issues reading some MicroSD's
  • Fixed keyboard angle
  • Keyboard can scratch the screen protector
  • Poor cameras
  • Mic sounds muffled


Performance - 7
Design & Build - 7.5
Screen - 9
Sound - 7
Battery Life - 8


  1. hi chris, i need you to recommend me Windows tablet that can replace my laptop. I want quality in a low budget and I would use this tablet windows to work. in my work, I spend 8 hours on Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel. I also opened 2-3 folder in the same time ..what windows tablet is suit for me? thankyou

    • by the way , would you review asus transformer book t100ha-c4-gr

  2. Have the Version with 4gb and 64 GB and Win 10 Stylisten Support and a full USB-C With ChargIng and Display Out ?

  3. Hi, i have 2 questions: when will be available the dual boot version?
    I like this one and the similar chuwi hibook pro: wich is better (i don’t use games)? What are the pros an cons compared of the two models?

  4. I’m really tempted by this. My main tablet use is reading papers so I’ve been hoping for more 3:2 ratio stuff to appear.
    In your early comments on this you mentioned the stylus not working – did you find out if it is a software issue or a hardware difference?
    Do you have wind of any other 3:2 tablets coming up soon (excluding the 64Gb/4Gb version of this if it ever appears)?

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