$350-$400 Tablet for artist recommendation?

$350-$400 Tablet for artist recommendation?

TechTablets Forums General General Discussion $350-$400 Tablet for artist recommendation?

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    Hi dudes and dudettes.

    I’m an artist looking for a win tablet to draw with, I also lack a PC in general since they are all old and broken.

    Give me your best recommendation, and if you have the actual product please post pictures of its stylus function.


    What I mostly need :

    1-a working stylus (any brand as long as it works)

    2- Must be windows (but I love a dual OS a lot tho)

    3- must be at least bigger than 10″

    4- a full USB port

    5- can run Photoshop up to 8 layers


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    I’m on pretty much the same mission.


    Chuwi Surbook is the closest I’ve found.


    12″ screen,

    windows only

    2 fullsize USB

    Active stylus.


    I’ve seen videos showing the stylus performance. It’s not great… some lag on Photoshop.

    If you can bare to lose a couple of “, the Cube mix plus is apparently smooth AF for running photoshop.

    I’m not sure if I’d be happy with the screen size though.


    Surbook: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chuwi-surbook-affordable-2-in-1-intel-pc-tablet–3#/

    Cube mix: https://techtablets.com/2017/01/cube-mix-plus-unboxing-first-look-review/

    I’m probably going to plump for the surbook.


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    Exactly what I had in mind at first, I currently emailed chuwi info about which digitizer they going to use for the chuwi surbook * fingers crosses it isn’t goodix

    But over the hi-13 at least the chuwi will come in quality….but  I srsly want a good CPU I haven’t lived with a good one in ages..I feel behind the times.

    If only they made a core m5 or m7 I actually might pay extra bucks for it.

    The cube mix is just too small!!!!  I hate 10″ so much.

    But there are some from brands like HP on sale  but sadly its either m3 or synaptics 🙁

    I tried to get a lenovo flex 5 which is a great bargain but a risktho,cuz its cheap for a reason.

    But my coworker told me to buyyourself a cheap gaming laptop on the market (plenty) and buy any portable drawing device you can get without caring what it’s CPU is.


    That’s an idea but….still 2 in 1s ??


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    Mike, Zome, what was your final decision?

    What do you think about the apollo lake for your needs? Is it capable?


    Chris G
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    Chuwi SurBook is rumored to have N-Trig stylus support or if not the Hi13 stylus which isn’t too bad.

    But the best is the WACOM enabled tablets like the Cube Mix Plus and Cube i7 Book. They also have the more powerful Core M3, almost twice as fast as the N3450 in the Surbook.

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    At first I ask my local PC store to order Cube i7 stylus, It did came to the country buuut the stupid uncultured security locked his products away cuz they don’t know what a mini laser printer is..so ygr cube is stuck and I’m not getting it.


    I came to realize I need to catch up with some gaming I haven’t for years too. So I’m buying something more expensive. I first chased after lenovo yoga 720 open box deals on best buy or eBay..and they kept getting relisted before I get them.

    Now i m skeptical about open box items since I can’t guarantee it will come in the right condition and I can’t take it back .


    But tw sound of chuwi surbook having n-trig sounds good


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    I’m a concept artist, and I’m also trying to look for something affordable, powerful, and precision when it comes to stylus pressure sensitivity.

    So far either Cube i7 Stylus or Cube i7 Book catch my interest, but I’m still not convince on either of them.

    I guess I have to wait for a Cube i9 Stylus… if they ever plan one.



    nicolas poupinet
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    This kind of affordable UGEE graphic tablets aren’t more appropriate for drawing?



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