[Advice] Choosing the right tablet/laptop for cloud streaming

[Advice] Choosing the right tablet/laptop for cloud streaming

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    Hello everyone, from Portugal here 🙂

    I’m looking for a very specific, niche, tablet or small, less then 14″ lightweight, laptop or 2-in-1, for Gaming cloud streaming.

    I have a thick 15″ laptop, Clevo brand, same as this one Clevo W350ET. I’ts heavy and the battery is dead but it works with parsec. Colors are abit bad, it’s heavy and big for what i need/want)

    I’m using a software called Parsec which uses peer2peer connection(10ms to 20ms input delay) to stream my desktop pc at home (similar to TeamViewer but for gaming and it’s very detailed) and it’s free so you can try it aswell, you just need to install and host one 1 pc and install on another device(windows/Android) and connect using same account, very very easy. I got a i9-9900k and Rtx2080ti  at home and i’m running buttery smooth games at 3440x1440p so any tablet resolution works. There are other softwares out there but like rainway, moonlight, steam, but the quality parsec provides and you get full desktop preview meaning i’ts like working on your computer at home.

    Since Parsec works like watching a streamable movie that uses wifi data all the time, i expect tablets don’t need to be strong in specs.


    • Windows 10 (parsec also works on Android but the mouse doesn’t work properly as there is no right click and no drag movement and also it doesn’t have key-remap features)
    • Good Screen, minimum 1080p and minimum 10inch, indoor use(i have a Vivo Nex S SuperAmoled 1080p smartphone and the colors and detail are amazing so something similar)
    • Great battery life (more then 5 hours of constant streaming, preferably more than 8 hours)
    • Great Wifi connection (Parsec only uses about 10-15mb internet connection at 1080p so Wifi signal is probably what i need best)
    • Bluetooth higher then 4.0 (for my xbox one controller which i use sometimes in racing games)
    • Ram and disk space are not a concern, it just needs to keep Windows stable enough, Parsec only takes 100-200MB on task manager. and i don’t intend to use it for anything else.
    • Ports can be anything cause there’s always a solution with OTG
    • Keyboard (if it’s a tablet i can live without one, i can easily attach a mouse and keyboard to it.)
    • Weight less then 1.5kg if its a laptop.


    Price point. Less then 400 dolares or 400 euros. The cheaper it is with good perfomance the better. (also Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy Book would be awesome fit if they weren’t that expensive)

    i have seen all these Bmax, chuwi, teclast tablets/laptops around and i just can’t make up my mind about which ones are better then this, so please give my options. I’m inclined to Bmax y13 because of battery and screen but not really sure either.

    Any question about Parsec ask away.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you for these helpful tips, I will refer more before deciding to buy it!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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