Advice re replacing Cube with a Chuwi

Advice re replacing Cube with a Chuwi

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    Chris Clayton
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    I may have to replace my Cube iWork 10 in the near future, because after 4 years of fairly constant use the none-replacable battery is showing signs of failure. I have been very satisfied with my Cube (now DoAllCube) so will want something similar. After having checked out a number of possibilities I am closing in on the ChuWi H10 , I thinkbut am a bit confused by the numbers of similar models. The one I may want has 6 GB RAM, 64 MBits Windows 10, and ports on the left side, essential requirements. I was put off a bit at first, having read a number of negative reviews and pleas for help until I saw they were from 2 years back. I understand the current model is an upgrade and improved on the original. I would welcome confirmation that this is the case, and perhaps some comment on comparisons with my Cube i Work, the only device of its type I have some experience of (apart from a Quantumn prior to the Cube).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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