[Air 13" i7] Battery not charging

[Air 13" i7] Battery not charging

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    Hi there,

    I have a charging problem with my Notebook Air 13″ i7. Yesterday it just stopped charging. The led is off and it was running on battery for quite a while. The battery is empty now and the computer doesn’t turn on anymore.

    I’ve had battery issues before. Believe it or not but I’m on my third charger since I got it last January. The new chargers solved it both times.

    Most trouble shoots I found on the Xiaomi forum. Here’s what I tried so far:

    – different wall sockets
    – take off the back plate, reattach the battery cable
    – turning it on without battery cable connected,  but it doesn’t start. <b>could this indicate that the battery itself is OK, but the problem is somewhere between the charger and the battery? In which case replacing the battery probably wouldn’t help. </b>
    – I have dual boot system. Win 10 Pro and Ubuntu latest version. Both give the same problem: no charging led, not charging
    – I haven’t tried the Windows driver trick (where you remove the hardware from Device manager and reinstall it) because I can’t boot into Windows anymore. But since Ubuntu has it too I doubt the problem lies there.

    Of course it’s possible that my charger broke again. I need to find a USB-C device to test it with. But, come on, this is my third charger in nine months….

    I could replace the battery, but I doubt that’s the problem since it doesn’t boot without it either.

    Does anybody have another idea? I know it’s still in warranty, but I can’t ship it back halfway across the world. I really need my computer.

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    My recommendation:

    Take the partial refund and take it to a PC repair shop. Don’t send it back to China. They’ll probably say the laptop can’t be repaired and will not send it back to you (this happened to my with Gearbest).


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