Alldocube X – Max SD Card Size

Alldocube X – Max SD Card Size

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    Andy Horsley
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    Hello there,

    First post, but i’ve been a regular visitor to these pages for a few years. I’m considering replacing my trusty old Cube i6 (purchased following Chris’ recommendation) with the Alldocube X. I’d like to be able to use a 256gb Micro SD card for storing my FLAC music library on the tablet. I see that Alldocube say that it’s 128gb maximum card size. Just wondered whether anyone had tried a bigger card, or had any ideas about whether it is likely to work? I think that 128gb and 256gb are both SDXC cards so I can’t see why it would not work, unless there are some hardware limitations?

    Any ideas on this welcome!

    Thanks! Andy.


    Chris G
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    It should work. My Samsung 128GB Pro card worked fine and it’s SDXC /U1.

    Chris | Admin
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    Andy Horsley
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    Thanks for responding Chris. I will give it a try. I see most of the Chinese tablet manufacturers say that their tablets support up to 128gb SD cards only, so maybe they are just covering themselves against compatibility issues.

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