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Android Back Up

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    In my readings (here and elsewhere) I have noticed that people have been making changes to their Android side of the tablet and then are having a hard time undoing them, or having to reinstall all together.  All of this can take a great deal of time and frustration depending on your skill and familiarity with this device.  Not to mention dealing with the language issue.

    Well I wanted to share a trick I use to avoid this.  I installed a FREE program called Macrium Reflect, its can backup back up ALL 12 of the partitions that make up Android on this device and easily restore them!  This means if you are rooting and it goes bad, all you have to do is boot to windows and you can restore android. (I have done this many times and it works great)  Further it can back up the 4 windows partitions while windows is running (uses shadow copy feature).  I used to use this regularly because the teclast/windows image is so buggy I was consistently running into problems with this thing. Now that I have a clean build on here I simply do it once a month as backup.

    The software is free for personal use, probably used as an advertisement to get user to push it into their business when they are happy with it.  It has no adds, no crap, its just works and is easy to use.  It can even make you a boot-able USB repair drive in case you need to restore the entire drive (bare metal restore).

    I know how bad this devices software is and how this will help others deal with it.  At least until you can put a clean install on it. (described in other threads on this board)  And this will defiantly help give piece of mind if you are planning to do something to your android side and don’t have 101% confidence it will work.

    I still however recommend IF you just bought this (and I dont know why) act quickly and return it.  Otherwise, a good backup will save you LOTS of headaches when things go wrong, and a free quality program just can’t be argued with.


    Best of Luck,



    ps… I do not work for them, just like the product.

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    Coolmuster Android Assistant is a special designed android data backup app, it could transfer everything from your phone to computer, including text messages, contacts, photos, etc. and we can also use it to send and receive text messages on computer.

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    I happen to know an android backup app could transfer file between android and computer in few simple steps, you just need to connect your phone to computer, the app would detect your phone automatically.

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    About Android backup, you need a pro Android Assistant tool to help you backup data on Android phone to pc easily. With its help, you can transfer contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, videos, etc from Android phone to computer for backup.

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    <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Coolmuster Android Assistant是一款专门设计的Android数据备份应用程序,它可以传输从手机到电脑的所有内容,包括短信,联系人,照片等,我们也可以用它在计算机上发送和接收短信。</span></span>

    It is indeed a very good manager compared to the current market, but there are still some flaws. Please refer to Coolmuster Android Assistant review before use.

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    YES, it’s so easy to backup Android data to computer now, with Eelphone Backup & Restore, we can back almost all Android data to computer, at the same time, photos/contacts/call history/app photos/app videos…backup all data type on Android to computer. Once deleted Android data by accident, we can also restore from backup files.

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