android nougat on cube i7 book

android nougat on cube i7 book

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    hi everyone! (and sorry for my english…)

    i have successfully installed android-x86 nougat on my cube tablet and i found some fixes for several known issues (inverted rotation, access to internal storage & sd card, root issues and some more), and i like to share my experiences with this install here.

    i’ve tested both phoenix os v2.5.3 (briefly) linaegeos (aka cynogenmod, cm-x86-14.1-rc1). sadly remix os is no longer developed…
    the lineageos build from the official android-x86 looks more fast and stable, and it is clean from all the chinese bloatware. therfore, i will focus on the lineageos build.

    at the bottom line, lineageos boot proccess takes about a 20-30 seconds from the ssd, performance is great, the touch is responsive and most of the hardware is supported (including the pen). it looks that the cpu and battery perfomance is similar to windows (in general use, i’m not an expert with benchmarks). sleep and wake are also working fine.
    the taskbar functionality is nice, not as good as remix & phoenix os – but after a while i’ve got used to it (i set trebuchet as the default launcher and enabled the taskbar from it’s settings page, so i can use both launchers simultaneously)

    currently the issues which are found (for the issues marked with * there are workarounds and fixes, see below):
    1. screen rotation is inverted *
    2. both cameras are not recognized
    3. root always ask for permission (lineageos only, phoenix os doesn’t include root) *
    4. internal storage and sd card are not mounted (phoenix os sometimes recognizes them, and sometimes not) *
    5. there is no os-level palm rejection for the pen (some pen applications have independent palm rejection support)
    6. the grub boot loader doesn’t support touch or volume-rocker inputs on the cube i7 book, so a keyboard is required for dual-boot os selection *
    7. bluetooth – audio devices sometimes are buggy; sending files to my smartphone or laptop is okay

    i’ve preferred to install the system manually rather than using android-x86 installation, so i’ve shrinked drive c and created a 100MB fat32 partition for efi & grub files, and a 8GB ntfs partition for the kernel & img files.
    i’ve also modified the ramdisk.img file for fixing the inverted rotation and for auto-mounting the sdcard & internal storage.
    (the modified file is included here)

    –workarounds for some of the issues–
    1. inverted screen rotation & access to sdcard and drive c:
    replace the installed ramdisk.img file with the included modified file.
    (the changes are in the fstab and init.rc files inside the ramdisk image)

    2. the root permissions issue:
    until an official fix will be done, it can be resolved using the same method for rooting phoenix os (see here:
    the replaced supersu daemon works fine, remmembers the choises and doesn’t ask for permission more than one time.
    doing this requires a writable system.img file. the root-terminal can be accessed using a combination of left-alt + right-fn + f1 keys (from the keyboard dock)

    3. grub doesn’t support touch or volume rocker inputs:
    the only way i’ve found to dual-boot android without using a keyboard is with windows recovery menus (it appears as “uefi os” in the “use a device” menu).
    therefore, i’ve fiddled with the boot settings in grub and windows, so my machine first boots to windows-os-selection menu (by adding a dummy os to the bcd), and from this menu i can either choose windows, or access android from the “change defaults or choose other options” menu.
    this is a little more fast than accessing this menu from windows settings.
    i’ve used the bootice tool for editing bcd and grub settings (get it here:

    if someone needs more details let me know, i’ll try to help…

    download the modified ramdisk.img from here:

    Koray K
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    Thanks for the information, I’ll try it as soon as I have time. RemixOS was great in some ways, but it also had its flaws.

    Cameras are still a problem for me even in Windows, it seems that the issue is present also in other brands utilizing the same chips.

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    thank you. My tablet is cube-i7-stylus, windows 10 .
    I have downloaded the cm-x86_64-14.1-rc1.iso from
    But I can’t install it.(can’t install on GPT)
    Could you please tell me how to install the system manually?
    thank you!

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