Android Oreo 8.1 works LIKE A CHARM on CHUWI HI13

Android Oreo 8.1 works LIKE A CHARM on CHUWI HI13

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    Just to inform you that if you go to Android X86 and burn on a USB KEY the last version of Android X86 RC2

    EVERYTHING works at once 🙂

    Now I do enjoy Android and this nice tablet. Best



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    This is good news, but i have question.

    Is it possible to run Live CD only or is it possible to install Android to sd card??


    Okay, looks like it`s not possible to install Andoird on a sd card.

    It is possible to install Android to HI13`s flash drive and it will boot. Unfortunately it looks like that after 10-20 sec usage OS will freeze. I can still see mouse cursor moving and some icons bouncing on background, but nothing else works.

    After Android i installed Lineage OS same way and it`s not freezing


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    But its not true


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    I’ve just testing with the live mode from an usb key plugged with an usb-c adapter.
    Wifi ok
    Bluetooth to headphones, ok
    Touchscreen, ok
    Rotation sensor detected, ok
    Brightness control, ok
    External usb keyboard, ok
    Bluetooth keyboard, ok
    HDMI external display, ok

    Battery discharge seems a little bit heavy

    It’s worth a try!


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    New step yesterday, I’ve cleaned up a bit to make room and shrink the Windows partition.
    Then I’ve created an EXT4 partition (with the MiniTool partition wizard) and installed Android X86 on it, made some configs and reinstalled all my apps.
    No more USB stick to boot, hurray! For the moment everything seems working properly.

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