Android Remix OS installation guide

Android Remix OS installation guide

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    Carlos Sárria
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    Remix os 3 Works almost 100% 2 issues

    Câmeras dont work

    A lot of apps crash Showbox popcorn time stremio Firefox were the ones i tried for testing purposes


    Steven Hepple
    • Posts: 15

    And no youtube or other videos will play, in mobile or desktop mode. I loaded mine onto a usb 3.0 sandisk drive and was actually ok…until you start to use it and come across serious issues…like the ones above. Have not tried videos in the real version of remix os yet but will report back soon as……


    Carlos Sárria
    • Posts: 10

    <!–more–>i managed to use YouTube via web on chrome but not being able to use apps like the ones above kills the concept of using it. I ran my remix via the sd Card in the tablet sd enclosure.


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    did someone manage to install a fully working Remix OS on his Cube i9? Tried several 3.x builds and each of them had problems with the touchscreen.


    You need to install the  cubei9 remix bios 2.7, then it will work for you. I installed on the SSD.


    Jorge Fernandes
    • Posts: 6

    have tested various remix-os versions and so far the one that worked best was the latest official .307 again no camera or rotation screen. not really a fan a the present. tested several version from Android X86 and only rc13, 7.1 and 6.0.1  proven more stable but again no camera and screen goes upside down.


    In the mean time, I’ve downloaded the Cube iWork12 (I12) Dual OS installation ROM and can confirm windows 10 and Android are in separate folder…


    My question now is, if the Android folder have what is needed to create an installation rom?

    Digging further with 7zip found the recovery folder with some scrips and windows fast switching app and possibly a partition for the dual boot!

    Attached pics and main install file for info.


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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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